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The Weiland Firm, PLC Reviews and Testimonials

The Weiland Firm, PLC works with clients who have traffic related cases through out the Virginia Area. We have had countless success stories as our “case results” indicate. Here are a few examples of our reviews and testimonials across AVVO, Google, Facebook Yelp:

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Naftali Burger

John was great! I was passing Greeneville, VA and got stopped for driving over the speed limit. That carries a reckless driving criminal offense in Virginia. John had the judge reduce it to a minimal defective vehicle offense. John helped me through the process up until the end! Would definitely recommend!

E Bolden

Nick was amazing. Did his job professionally and made me feel relaxed. He and his team are worth it and I’m happy I decided to go with them. Thank you so much for everything!

Mike Barton

The Weiland Firm is the best! For anyone looking for legal counsel involving a traffic violation, The Weiland Firm is the place to go. Mr. Weiland was extremely helpful, he gave me the proper guidance to prepare for court, and ultimately, he was able to have my charge dismissed. I highly recommend!

Gianna Vazquez

After following all advice from John I was able to get my case for reckless driving (91 in a 65) in Henrico county completely dismissed leaving me only with court fees that didn’t exceed $75. I would recommend to anyone!

Maryam Bahrami

I had a reckless ticket in Henrico County. I had talked to a lot of other lawyers and most of them either said they can’t be much help, or the only thing they can do is keep me out of jail. The Weiland Firm had represented two of my other family members and the judge dropped both tickets so I contacted them. Long story short, they got an impossible ticket dropped. 10/10 recommend them!

Cortney Nolen

I can say that I am very pleased with the Weiland Law Firm. My attorney Mr. Nicholas Wright was able to get my Reckless Driving charge reduced to a simple speeding violation despite my driving record. I hold employment where a Reckless Driving conviction would be very unfavorable if not a cause for termination. I would definitely recommend Weiland Law firm to anyone who may have a high speeding or reckless driving ticket and may need representation.  

Italy Gayles

If I could give this law firm 10 stars, I would. I got a reckless driving ticket back in February 2020…court kept getting postponed due to COVID. Once court finally took place, I could not have been more pleased with the results thanks to this law firm. They were great at communicating with me every step of the way. Overall, I am very pleased with the service I received!

Ron Mentzer

Mr. Weiland is professional, personable, and very good at what he does! He demonstrates a superb ability to think strategically and maneuver tactically, which led to a favorable outcome in my traffic case. An active listener, he counseled me well on my options and what to expect. I highly recommend.

Atiya Chachar

Had a speeding ticket dismissed with the help of Mr. Weiland. Had a great experience. Highly recommend him!

Issa Moussa

My name is Issa Moussa, John is an outstanding Lawyer, highly recommended. Last year, I got a traffic ticket and I contacted Mr John Weiland, With Mr John’s help, the ticket was dropped to an improper infraction. In April this year, I was cited again for going down a one way, I contacted Mr John and he helped me dismiss the ticket. John Weiland is the best.

Tommy Wolf

Mr. Weiland represented me for a 91/70 reckless driving in Henrico county. Very reasonable pricing compared to other local lawyers and did not try the typical scare tactics other local lawyers have used to demand a higher price. Case was dismissed. Would highly recommend to anyone. Fantastic service.

Keisha Stallworth

He was respectful, willing to help, and proved his dedication to me as a client. I definitely recommend his services.

Jada Martin

By far– is the BEST law firm. They assisted me with two reckless driving cases, one last year in 2019 and one for this year 2020. Mr. Weiland was able to get both cases dismissed, in contingent of me attending a driver’s class. I recommend this Law Firm to anyone who needs assistance with reckless driving or any other traffic violations. I can not thank you enough for ALL your assistance!!

Allyson Buzby

John Weiland is the BEST traffic attorney!

Sanket Shah

He is doing a great work I really appreciate. I am fully recommend to him for a good lawyer . Please everyone visit one time.

Kollin Korell

I ended up being wrongfully charged with a ticket that would’ve been detrimental to my record and insurance. This was the first time I had ever used a lawyer to try and plead my case. I couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome! He took care of everything; I didn’t even have to go into court: just paid some court dues and the much reduced-price ticket. The ticket was also reduced to something that didn’t put any points on my record! I will 100% recommend Weiland Firm to anyone who feels wrongfully charged about anything. I wish I could give 10 stars!

Garret Lewis

Best attorney I have ever used by far really went the extra mile.

Barbara Swartwood

Highly professional, responsive law firm that we would highly recommend if you ever find yourself in need of a lawyer. They were able to get our Reckless Driving ticket dismissed and answered all of our questions along the way. Not being from Virginia, we didn’t totally understand the process for dealing with this kind of ticket (which would have just been a speeding ticket in our state) and Weiland Firm made a potentially horrible situation seem much less frightening with their expertise and congenial staff. Thank you for what you do!!!!

Pygmy Mitchell

Fantastic attorney, I would highly recommend them. They are professional, timely, kind, and very skilled. I was very impressed with the service I received. I am very pleased with the outcome and I recommend their services highly.

Liz Jorge

Thanks again Mr. Weiland for your great work during my trial. Great, professional demeanor and quick with email responses. Even though I doubt I’ll need your services again but I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND you services to others! Great work!!

Karra Miles

I must say he is the best in town my charges were dropped all I to do is pay a fine v.s doing community service, weekend time or being on probation. He also made sure that all areas of my case were covered. Kept in contact with me throughout the entire process.

Jessica Zenko

I could not have had a better experience with Weiland , PLC. I was recommended this practice from a family member. I received a reckless driving ticket in New Kent County, VA, reckless driving is punishable by jail. John Weiland not only kept me out of jail, he got my 96/70 reckless driving ticket reduced to improper driving with only driving school completed on my end. No community service, no suspension of license! 100% WOULD RECOMMEND!

Tim Faff Sr.

I was passing through Virginia and was caught by a State Trooper doing 89 in a 70 zone – in Virginia that is automatically Reckless Driving. I contacted John Weiland and he guided me through the entire process resulting in a minor traffic infraction and a significantly reduced fine. Thank you, John!

Michael McCool

Mr. Weiland, I used the court’s online system and paid the fine this morning — It is so nice having this reckless driving incident behind me and the outcome (Defective Equipment and no Points) was much more favorable than I had expected! I was very fortunate that I had the  Weiland Firm representing me and I am truly grateful to you and your staff. I will always highly recommend your Law Firm to anyone I know who needs similar legal representation in Virginia. Your fee was very reasonable and the results were outstanding — thanks again.

Kevin Bowman

My case turned out very well. The way he said it would.

Bethany Hensley

John Weiland was my attorney for my 3rd driving on a suspended offense. He worked miracles and got it reduced to driving without a license with a $10 fine. Smoothest lawyer I’ve ever met, not to mention a super nice guy! I highly recommend Mr. Weiland!!

D Craun

Attorney Nick Wright provided invaluable legal advice and representation in my speeding charge in Emporia, VA being dismissed. I highly recommend Nick, and Weiland Firm, and will retain them should I need legal representation in the area in the future.

Alex Wilson

Mr. Weiland did a great job. Got a reckless speeding ticket dismissed for me with zero friction. My driving record is a bit spotty so I expected it being lowered to regular speeding at best, but he went above and beyond by speaking with the prosecutor and working it out beforehand. Very nice guy too.

Bryan Saylor

My son was charged with reckless for going 96 in a 70, Henrico county. With possible jail time on the line, we were happy with the final outcome of a $500 fine and no jail time. Working with Mr. Weiland was a pleasure and I would definitely use again.

Roberto Maldonado

Got the judge to give me complete dismissal with driving school.

Ryan Faulkner

Mr. Weiland has the confidence and knowledge to represent anybody. I would recommend him to anyone.

Daniel Rivera

Attorney John Weiland did an outstanding job!!! You should definitely hire him!!!!!

Brian Barte

Professional! Was quick to recognize the best time to try my case. Case Dismissed!

Suzanne Johnson

After receiving a reckless driving ticket and feeling like my world was crashing down around me, John Weiland made all the difference. He provided me with critical guidance and support that not only got the best possible outcome in the courtroom, but also out of this bad situation. He is an honest, effective and dedicated attorney that will work as hard for you as he can. Thank you, John, for helping me keep my license against all odds!

David Termini

Nick Wright did a great job getting me off a reckless driving ticket.He and his staff are very professional and he got back to me right after the court hearing with the good news as well as sending me an e-mail with all the specifics. I am so glad I found Nick and his firm.I hope I won’t need him again for a ticket,but if I do he’s the first I will call for sure.I can highly recommend Nick Wright and his firm.If you read this Nick,Thank You very much.

Gustavo Medrano

This was my first time hiring a lawyer in my defense and I am very pleased with the outcome. Even if the outcome would not have been as favorable I was very pleased with the professionalism and experience behind this firm. Mr. Wright was direct and realistic through every step of the way. I would highly recommend this firm to anybody.

Princess Bethea

Mr. Weiland is a dedicated and great lawyer. He first contacted me while he was on vacation which made me feel more comfortable with choosing him. I explained my case. He confidently explained the next steps. I went to court and got an even better outcome. Any questions I had, he answered. Fast communication. His team was also great at relaying messages. He knew the prosecutors. If you’re ever in trouble, definitely call John Weiland!

Peter Fotopoulos

Weiland Firm PLC represented my son who’s in the US Navy in a Virginia traffic case. The firm was very responsive and honest regarding every step of the case. The outcome results were exactly as we were led to believe they would be. We highly recommend this firm.

Phyl Demetriou

I highly recommend Mr. Weiland. I had a reckless driving charge completely dismissed. He knows the police officers and the judges well, and he’s a great person to work with.

Matt Johnson

John Weiland was and is truly the most attentive, charismatic, on point, honest attorney I have ever come across in all my years of screwing up. He makes you feel comfortable while telling you like it is, addressing all potential outcomes from the get go and anything you can do to help yourself get ahead before the big day. I have walked into the courtroom ready and prepared every time that I, unfortunately, needed his services. John Weiland’s representation is more than worth the money and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Vimal Patel

John Weiland was great to work with. He was able to take care of my case with a very favorable outcome. Everyone was very responsive and never had any trouble with communication. I will definitely be using them in the future.

Shannon Held

Case dismissal! Those two words say it all – Thank You John Weiland, you were professional, fought for me and were able to do something in a county where this “hardly ever happens”. I would recommend Mr. Weiland to anyone!

Pavan Rachapudy

I was charged for reckless driving for going at 80 on a 55 in Richmond, Virginia. Due to the nature of the case, I had to hire an attorney. One of my friends who had a good experience with the attorney recommended me. I was really happy with the way they handled the case. They explained everything needed from me beforehand. Court was able to dismiss my case. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

Vamsi G

John Weiland is the best attorney regarding traffic cases in the area by far. I was caught going 104 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, in Henrico County that too, known for being very tough on high speed reckless driving. I was looking at a jail sentence, a fine of up to $2,500 and a 6 month license suspension. I ended up having absolutely no jail time, no license suspension, and only a $150 dollar fine in addition to court costs. This was all while doubling the speed limit, pretty much a guarantee to jail time.The price was worth every penny. Would highly highly recommend to anyone.

Justin Johnson

Very easy to work with and know what they are doing. Got my entire case dismissed even being over 85MPH in a 70. Would highly recommend if you are in need!

Ashoke Rai

I was travelling to New York from Georgia and was out of state driver and pulled over for reckless driving in Virginia. I got a reference of John and talked to him. The time I talked to him he assured me that we will get positive out come in our case and I was amaze with his knowledge. He provided a great help and support and planned ahead of time to handle the case was awesome. We got all charged dismissed in this case. John you are great. Thank you so much for helping me out here to get a positive outcome.

Stacie Metzger

Don’t look any further. John Weiland is the best. He literally had the worst case scenario with my case. I was charged with DUI and refusal to blow. He got my charge reduced to a reckless driving and only 6 months interlock. The arresting officer wanted to throw the book at me but with John’s ability of negotiation and professionalism he somehow worked a miracle and I am so happy for his representation. In talking with other people that have gone through the same experience, it did not turn out so well and they paid the same fee or more to a different lawyer. They still received a DUI and interlock for a year. So look no further. John’s got you.

John Bickerton

Bad situation: I was facing a serious traffic felony with multiple victims, a mountain of damaging evidence and likely jail time which could have threatened my career. Despite considerable errors on my part, John Weiland was able to achieve a plea deal with no jail time, no license suspension, a reduction of the charge to misdemeanor and penalty fees amounting to less than $500. He also enabled a continuance with a very strict judge and did not charge me to appear a second time in a distant court. What more could be expected from an attorney in a case like this?

Jeffrey Schwartz

Mr. Weiland and his firm provided me with excellent service/representation. Mr. Weiland constantly kept me apprised of the matter and achieved excellent results. I cannot thank him enough.

Edward Cheng

I considered my case was somewhat complicated than the typical Reckless Driving. John Weiland was able to handle the case with the outcome of dismissal like he anticipated. He certainly knows how to handle a case like this professionally. I highly recommend John Weiland to fight by your side in the court as he will guide you through the complicated process. Thank you, Mr. Weiland.

Anthony Boo

John is the man! There’s a reason why he has a perfect 5 star rating! Got me in & out the courtroom with the charges dropped within 20 min.

Nika Autery

He got my charges dropped he is wonderful thank you some much!

Chau Cao

2nd time I used them and got my second reckless ticket in the last 4 months down to regular speeding.

Nicki Tamer

Amazing team and Weiland handled my case perfectly.

Eric Gehler

Thank you, thank you Thank you! You helped me with that Emporia Va Reckless Driving Ticket! You guys are the Best Reckless Driving Lawyers!

Younga Mme

If you need a lawyer! JOHN is the man you want! He saved my life. He got me exact what I wanted! I would recommend him to everybody! Thanks again.

Marty Scott

I would like to take this time not only to recommend but to thank with my utmost gratitude to John Weiland and his associates for the attention and support they demonstrated with my case. I was falsely accused of throwing an incendiary device out my window and Mr. Weiland went the extra step providing video evidence to the judge and had my charge dropped completely. I highly recommend John Weiland and his firm.

Jennifer Lawson

John Weiland is absolutely amazing! He was incredibly proactive and supportive from the moment I hired him. He was able to get my 2nd DUI reduced to a DWI-1st, my reckless driving charge dropped, and my mandatory jail time cut in half. He was also there following my conviction, as the court had made several errors on my paperwork which would have caused me to lose my job. Great attorney! Would hire again in a heartbeat!

Will Gimbel

Professional, efficient, and trustworthy. Thank you!!

Tracy Anstey

Mr.Weiland is extremely bright and quick on his feet. My son was charged with driving without a license and because of Mr. Weiland’s preparation and understanding of Virginia laws he was able to get the charges dismissed. I would highly recommend his services.

Tre Dobbins

I hired John Weiland for an Excessive Speeding ticket I received while passing through Virginia. Not only was he able to have both of my appearances in court waived- he was also able to get my charge dropped significantly to a Traffic Infraction! John was very helpful throughout the entire legal process, as I was in Kansas the entire time, and he made my experience very seamless. As I told John, if I am ever in legal trouble in the state of Virginia again, he will be the first lawyer I call! He should be the first lawyer you call in Virginia, too!

Jason Gao

Mr. Weiland is the best of the best and I can’t say enough thanks to him. If you are in trouble, HE IS THE ONE!!

Haled Salem

What a great lawyer. I had two charges, one with a speeding ticket and the other one no valid license. Also, I talked to the officer bad I was so sad when I got the ticket. Mr. Weiland talked to the officer to not mention anything to the judge. I ended up with an improper driving and paying the court fine. I definitely recommend him.

Michael Slowey

Jon weiland is a guardian angel.I was facing jail time shaking in my ballerina toes and he pled my case to the judge getting my charges reduced to a simple fine.Honest and down to earth. Praise the lord!!!

Philip Pien

John Weiland was very pleasant to speak with and was very thorough walking me through the entire court process to ease some of the anxiety I had from a speeding ticket. Mr. Weiland appeared in court on my behalf and achieved a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Mr. Weiland to anyone that has gotten a moving violation in the Richmond area. If you want a very experienced, professional, and responsive lawyer that always has your best interests in court, give Mr. Weiland a call.

Kyleigh Snyder

The cop that pulled me over and ticketed me had a confident, smug look on his face… until Mr. Weiland walked into the courtroom. Suddenly, the laughs stopped and the cop’s confidence was gone. He looked scared and unsure of what to do next. Needless to say, John won the court case and all charges were dismissed.

Alan Vergel de Dios

Just finished in court today with John and had a reckless driving ticket dismissed (71MPH in a 35MPH zone)!! I consulted probably 5 or so lawyers prior to hiring John. Once I spoke with him, I knew he was the guy. He was certainly on the higher end of the spectrum but worth every penny! John came up with a game plan prior to my court date, was organized and responsive throughout the process, and presented the facts clearly and succinctly in court. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and it’s all thanks to John!

Aubrey Pace

Easiest and most reasonable lawyer I’ve worked with. Highly recommended!!

Damon Parrish

The best lawyer! Took care of my case with the utmost efficiency. Totally recommend to others looking for a well versed attorney.

Komoko Thomas

Awesome attorney!!! I was charged with reckless driving and Mr. Weiland got it reduced to a moving violation with 0 points on my license!! I would highly recommend him!! The law firm is very professional and communicates consistently with the client to keep them informed! I will definitely hire him again if I ever need an attorney!!

Adger Matthews

From day one I was told exactly what would happen with my reckless driving ticket. The charge was dropped in court. It is refreshing to feel your lawyer is working hard for you. Great job!

Kelsey Douget

I hired John Weiland as my attorney for a reckless driving ticket I received in Sussex County (96 in 70). He was extremely professional, kept in contact with me, and was honest with me. We were preemptive before my court date and were able to reduce it to an improper driving ticket. I am extremely grateful and so glad that he was my attorney. I would definitely refer this firm to anyone looking for a lawyer. Thank you so much John!

Josh Kondakor

Great firm, I was very pleased with the results. I completely recommend Weiland Firm, PLC.

John Eastwood

Mr. Weiland navigated the court system in getting my license restored without any issues. He is a true professional in his field. I found that itself to be refreshing. I would recommend Mr. Weiland and his staff. You will not be disappointed.

Raymond Zeigler

I was recently referred to Weiland Firm as I found myself in a tough situation (DUI Charge). Mr. Weiland took my case immediately at very fair price and quickly eased my mind by proving extensive knowledge of the law and my rights. He was able to have my charges reduced from DUI to Reckless Driving, wow what a favorable outcome!

Brian Bailey

Top-notch representation on all personal injury, traffic and criminal matters!

Justin Gregg

John Weiland got the best possible outcome for me (dismissed charges) when faced with a Reckless Driving charge that could have ended much worse. He was accessible and friendly from the start, and told me exactly what to do for the best chance of a dismissal – and I didn’t even need to be at the hearing! I highly recommend Mr. Weiland for anyone needing a traffic attorney in the Richmond area.

John Galvin

Weiland Firm, PLC handled my difficult case (Reckless Driving 95 in a 70) with professionalism and cautions optimism. I was asked to gather a lot of documentation to prepare for the hearing. Results can be phrased simply: I retained John Weiland, I did all the tasks he asked, the charges were reduced to improper driving and my court costs were $100. Money well spent.

Maria Kiger-Nelson

I had been given a reckless driving ticket and was very worried about this. I called and spoke with John, and he was very kind and agreed to take my case. He charged a very reasonable and low price, and was able to get my ticket dropped down to a mere improper driving citation. I am extremely grateful to him for helping me! You won’t be disappointed if you decide to choose this firm.

Ann Shoemaker

Very helpful, easy to reach, responsive to my questions. Worked to reduce my son’s reckless charge to a lesser charge. I was very impressed and thrilled with the outcome.

Miss B

Thank you for your professional services and for achieving the best possible outcome for my case!