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Highly Skilled Negotiators

Whether it’s inside the courtroom or outside, we use every legal tool at our disposal to achieve the outcomes our clients hope for.

Experienced Trial Lawyers

If your case goes to court, our trial lawyers will tirelessly advocate for your interests and fight to mitigate any impacts of a conviction.

Over 10 Years’ Experience

When you need effective traffic violation or crime representation, you need experience and The Weiland Firm’s attorneys have it.


We Protect Our Client’s
Freedom and Livelihood.

If you’re facing serious traffic violations or crimes in Virginia, you have a lot at stake and deserve the best possible defense against your charges. After all, your freedom and livelihood could be on the line – not to mention your driving privileges and your record. What you’re facing amounts to a threat to your future and that requires more than just any lawyer off the street. You need The Weiland Firm, PLC. Unlike so many firms in Virginia, we never limit your legal defense due to cost or time constraints, so you get world-class representation that’s as relentless as it is successful. You need The Weiland Firm, PLC. call (804) 355-8037


Don’t worry over a traffic violation or crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia when you can have the finest legal representation in the state on your side.