Richmond Criminal & Traffic Defense Attorneys

DUI/DWI — Reckless Driving — Speeding — Drug/Alcohol Possession


The  lawyers at The Weiland Firm, PLC are dedicated to providing individualized drunk driving and serious traffic violation legal defense to their clients. Their credentials include:

  • Instructors of traffic law to judges and to other lawyers
  • Advisors to the Virginia legislature regarding traffic and criminal litigation
  • Published authors in the area of drunk driving and traffic law
  • Developers of traffic violation legal defenses used by other attorneys throughout Virginia.

They have successfully handled thousands of DUI/DWI, traffic offense and drug/underage alcohol possession cases for many years. For a free initial consultation regarding your charges and your rights, contact us online, or call us at 804.355.8037.

John M. Weiland

John Weiland is a fast-thinking trial attorney who focuses his practice on criminal and traffic defense.  John has successfully represented hundreds and hundreds of reckless driving, DUI / DWI, underage possession of alcohol, and possession of marijuana clients.

Nick T. Wright

Nick is a trial attorney representing those charged with traffic offenses and crimes such as assault and battery, underage possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana, and petty larceny. Before becoming an attorney, Nick attended Virginia Tech where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Business.

L. Calum Welch

Calum Welch is a trial attorney specializing in traffic and criminal defense. Calum is passionate about protecting the rights of the accused and has defended against charges including driving on a suspended license, DUI/DWI, drug possession and distribution, larceny, assault and battery, and weapon offenses.