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From the Skies: Cuts in Virginia Aerial Traffic Enforcement

VA Cutting Speeding Tickets Enforced by Aircraft

VA Speeding and Reckless Driving Ticket
These Virginia highway signs are quickly becoming a thing of the past

Virginia has limited the number of speeding tickets issued by aircraft enforcement. It is just one of the many states in the country that have decreased their aircraft patrols to catch speed and traffic violators.

Driving on Virginia’s interstates, you may see large signs stating “Speed limit enforced by aircraft.” In 2000, Virginia State Police initiated an aggressive aerial traffic enforcement campaign to catch violators on the state’s roadways. However, since 2007, those programs have been cut drastically. In 2011, the State Police’s aviation division, based in Richmond, flew one mission, issuing tickets to only 20 drivers. It flew four missions in 2010 and didn’t fly any speed enforcement missions in 2009.

Corinne Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, said “Due to economic conditions and mandated budget cuts… we’ve had to look at cost savings.”

Speed enforcement flights were once paid for with federal grants, but with cuts in federal spending, police departments around the country have put their troopers back on the highways.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that aerial enforcement missions require a plane, a pilot, a spotter who times cars as they travel between road markings, and a number of police cruisers on the ground to issue the speeding tickets. It costs Virginia State Police about $150 an hour to fly the planes. That number includes fuel and maintenance, but not officers’ salaries.

The use of aircraft was advantageous in enforcing violations in heavy traffic or over long distances. However, developments in laser technology have evened the field for officers on the ground, making aerial missions almost obsolete for police bureaus facing major budget cuts.

But not all states have done away with aerial traffic enforcement. The Ohio State Highway Patrol issued over 16,000 speeding tickets from aircraft last year. Florida issues an average of 30,000 tickets ever year from the sky.

While police in Virginia may be decreasing their air patrols, laser speed readers are filling in and traffic patrols are as numerous as ever. Contact an attorney if you’ve received a speeding ticket in Virginia.

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Hanover County Reckless Driving Results


Attorney Has Reckless Driving Cases Reduced in Hanover, Virginia

The Old Hanover County Courthouse

A lawyer from Weiland Upton recently handled three reckless driving cases in Hanover County, Virginia. The Hanover General District Court is one of the more difficult courts in Virginia in which to obtain a favorable outcome in a traffic case. Our firm prides itself on providing the best defense possible, even under such circumstances.

Two of our clients were charged with reckless driving by speed, going 88 miles per hour and 86 miles per hour, respectively, in a 70 mile-per-hour zone. Reckless driving by speed is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia and can result in lofty fines, high insurance premiums and six demerit points on your driving record. Even at these speeds, there’s a possibility that the Hanover General District Court will suspend your license. Our clients had good driving records. In both cases, our attorney had the charges reduced to improper driving, which is a simple traffic infraction. They received a fine, but avoided the crippling insurance premiums, excessive demerit points and suspended driving privileges that come with a reckless driving conviction.

We also represented another motorist charged with reckless driving by speed in Hanover County, for going 85 miles per our in a 70-mile-per-hour zone. The driver faced similar consequences, albeit while going a slightly lesser speed. Due to mitigating circumstances, the Court gave our client driving school for dismissal. So long as our client completes a court-approved, eight-hour driver safety class, the Court will dismiss the charge.

It is vital you consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney before going to court for a reckless driving ticket in Hanover, Virginia.

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Speeding Ticket and DUI Checkpoints in Chesterfield, VA

Virginia Police Conducting Traffic Enforcement Campaign

DUI lawyers Chesterfield, VirginiaPolice are out in force this week in Chesterfield County, Virginia, issuing speeding tickets and catching drunk drivers.

The holiday weekend sees thousands of motorists pass through Chesterfield County’s roadways, especially through Interstate 95 and Route 288. Fourth of July celebrations also include alcohol and may increase the potential for drunk drivers on the streets.

In an effort to combat traffic violators, the Chesterfield County Police Department is participating in the Checkpoint Strikeforce campaign. The enforcement campaign, which kicked off Tuesday night, will take place through the Fourth of July holiday and into the weekend. Motorists will see police checkpoints set up in various locations throughout the county. Police will be stopping motorists suspected of driving under the influence. County police are also targeting drivers who are speeding, running red lights and caught not wearing a seat-belt.

If you come across a police checkpoint in Chesterfield this week, slow down and obey the officer. While you may be worried about receiving a DUI charge, don’t make matters worse by eluding police or receiving other related charges. Virginia police are committed to keeping the roads and highways safe for everyone this week.

If you happen to receive a summons for court, on a traffic related charge, call our law firm. We are committed to assisting you with your Virginia speeding ticket or DUI.

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Virginia Storms Cause Traffic Issues

Following the Storm: VA Traffic and Speeding Tickets

Virginia speeding lawyers
Storm damage behind the Law Office of Weiland Upton

Thousands of people in the metro Richmond area are still reeling from the effects of this weekend’s powerful thunderstorms. In fact, here at Weiland Upton, we are suffering from the aftermath of the severe weather as well. While Dominion Power attempts to restore electricity to Virginia residents, large blackouts can cause major traffic headaches. Summer in Virginia brings heavy storms and the occasional hurricane. If you find yourself out on the roads during a major blackout, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Police officers are out in force: During any emergency situation (including power outages), there are likely to be more police on the roadways keep order and enforcing the rules of the road. Slow down so that you don’t receive a speeding ticket and pay attention to your surroundings. Police may have to divert traffic if trees or power lines are down, or if traffic lights are not functioning.

Stop lights may not work: If you encounter a stoplight that has lost power, Virginia law says you must treat it as a stop sign. We receive numerous calls after power outages from clients who received a ticket for failing to obey a stop sign. Many people have never encountered or received a ticket for going through a non-working traffic light and are unsure what to do. So next time you come across one after a storm, make sure you stop.

Report all traffic incidents: Unfortunately, the chaos during a blackout or after a major storm also creates chaos on the roads. Downed trees, changes in traffic patterns, and non-functioning stop lights can lead to lots of confusions among drivers and plenty of accidents. Always report any traffic incident to the police. This will help you avoid being charged with other crimes such as hit-and-run.

And if you ever find yourself facing a traffic violation or crime in the state of Virginia, call our office. Major storms and prolonged power outages can be a confusing time for drivers. We are always a call or an e-mail away, ready to assist you in attaining the best possible result in your Virginia traffic case.

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Police Conclude Virginia Traffic Safety Campaign

VA Police Issue Hundreds of Speeding Tickets

Virginia speeding ticket reckless driving
On Saturday, Virginia State Police issued 487 speeding tickets on Interstate 95

Did you happen to notice more Virginia State Police issuing speeding tickets on the interstates this past weekend? Operation Air, Land, and Speed  is an enforcement campaign launched several times a year by the Virginia State Police aimed at catching traffic violators on Virginia’s interstates.

Saturday, June 23, 2012 marked the 37th campaign of Operation Air, Land, and Speed, which focused on Interstate 81 and Interstate 95. Police issued a total of 2,412 court summons and speeding tickets this weekend. That’s down from the 6,400 citations issued last time state police ran the project simultaneously on both interstates in May 2011.

Along Interstate 95, which runs from the North Carolina border to Maryland, cutting through the Richmond metropolitan area, police issued 1,339 citations for various traffic violations. Police arrested two drivers for DUI. Another eight arrests were made for drug or felony crimes. Police issued 487 speeding tickets during the course of the project. They also cited 207 drivers for reckless driving.

“Every year, hundreds of lives are lost in Virginia because of speed, alcohol, aggressive driving, or by an individual failing to wear a seatbelt,” said Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, Superintendent of the Virginia State Police. “Too many lives are put at risk because of irresponsible driving behavior. The intent of Operation Air, Land and Speed  is to save lives and make our interstates safer through increased visibility and strict traffic enforcement.”

Money generated from speeding tickets issued by the Virginia State Police goes towards court fees and the Virginia Literary Fund. Operation Air, Land, and Speed  is funded through the federal highway safety budget.

Let us know if police issued you a reckless driving or speeding ticket in Virginia.

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Don’t Speed in Norway! Speeding Fines Around the World

Beyond Virginia: Speeding Ticket Fines

Speeding ticket fine VA
Police impounded this Mercedes SLS AMG after its driver was caught traveling at 184 mph. The owner faces a fine of $800,000.

If you have ever received a speeding ticket in Virginia, you’re first concern is probably how much it’s going to cost you. Aside from the fine and court costs, you also have to think about increased insurance premiums. In the United States, you’re likely to face no more than $2,500 in fines in the most EXTREME speeding cases. Speeding in a different country, however, may be detrimental to your wallet. Here are some examples of the highest speeding fines from around the globe.

While a speeding ticket is unlikely to cost you more than $1,000 in most of Canada, fines are determined by province. A motorcyclist was caught going 164 mph in the province of Alberta and paid a $12,000 fine in a deal made with prosecutors that allowed him to retain his license. The maximum possible fine is $25,000 in Alberta , a province known for its straight and typically empty highways. Ease off the pedal next time you visit our neighbor to the north.

Do you make an annual income of $30,000 a year? If you’re caught speeding in Norway, expect to pay a $3,000 fine on your ticket. Norway levies a fine of 10% of your annual income for speeding tickets. Alongside the fine, Norwegian law imposes a mandatory minimum 18-day jail sentence for speeds deemed excessive.

Finland levies speeding fines based upon the annual income of the speedster in question. Jussi Salonoja, heir to a European meatpacking company, earned $11.5 million in 2002. After being caught speeding 50 mph in a 25 mph zone, Salonoja was fined $200,000.

The fine imposed for a speeding ticket in Switzerland is not only based on income, but factors in the velocity at which the offender was traveling. A 37-year-old man was driving his $200,000 Mercedes SLS AMG when he was clocked traveling 186 mph. The driver had not been clocked by numerous speed cameras along the highway because they were incapable of clocking any speed higher than 125 mph. The vehicle was impounded and the driver now faces a fine of over $800,000. That’s four times the value of the car!

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Virginia to Collect Speeding and Reckless Driving Fines

Virginia Speeding and Reckless Driving Ticket Fines

Virginia speeding ticket, reckless driving
Hopewell police patrol Interstate 295 in Virginia

Virginia is attempting to curb the number of speeding tickets some cities and counties are issuing to drivers on the state’s roadways.

The Virginia General Assembly included a provision in the state budget declaring that if the amount of money a jurisdiction collects from speeding ticket and reckless driving fines exceeds 40 percent of its total revenue, the state will appropriate half of the money. Those funds will then be placed into the state’s literary fund which pays for school construction projects and teacher retirement plans.

The provision comes after motorist group AAA Mid-Atlantic reported that the Hopewell Sheriff’s Office was using “heavy-handed enforcement tactics” on a section of Interstate 295 in Hopewell, VA. The group calls the two-mile stretch of road the “Million Dollar Mile.” Approximately 1,000 speeding tickets are issued per month on I-295 in Hopewell.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Hopewell’s revenue from speeding and reckless driving tickets has increased from $160,000 a year when the I-295 project began to about $2 million last year.

Martha Meade with AAA Mid-Atlantic believes that the provision will allow police “to continue upholding the law and continue to collect … the appropriate amount of revenue.”

The Hopewell Sheriff’s Office has responded to the allegations by stating that officers only ticket drivers who speed over 81 miles per hour, which is considered reckless driving in Virginia.

Did you receive a speeding or reckless driving ticket in Virginia?

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