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Don’t Text and Drive in Virginia or Anywhere

Virginia Could Make Texting Behind the Wheel a Major Traffic Offense Texting while driving in Virginia is already against the law. It’s punishable by a ticket with a small fine. But the Virginia State Crime Commission wants the act to be considered the same as reckless driving. Under proposed legislation endorsed by the Virginia State […]
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VA Police Catch Speeders, Limit Traffic Fatalities

Police Enforce Speeding & Reckless Driving During the Holiday Motorists driving on Virginia’s highways over the Labor Day weekend may have noticed an increased police presence, as Virginia State troopers issued reckless driving and speeding tickets across the Commonwealth. Virginia State Police had 75 percent of its uniformed workforce patrolling the interstates over the holiday. […]
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Second Offense DUI Reduced to First Offense in VA Court

Jurisdiction & names omitted to protect the privacy of our clients On April 13, 2012, our law firm represented a client charged with committing a second offense DUI. If convicted as charged, the client faced a mandatory minimum jail sentence and suspension of his license for a period of 3 years along with ignition interlock […]
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