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Richmond Reckless Driving Has Serious Consequences; You Need a Good Lawyer

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With major interstates such as 1-95, and I-64, running through the Richmond VA Metro area, the Virginia State Police are always vigilant in their pursuit to catch and ticket motorists that are disobeying local traffic laws. In addition to the state police on the highways, you have local county sheriffs departments and local police units out in force to catch those that disobey the posted traffic signs and rules. What most motorists might not be aware of is that excessive speed can be considered a reckless driving offense.

There are plenty of situations which can lead to reckless driving. Whatever the reasons are, you might find yourself in a whole lot of trouble once you’ve been caught speeding or performing other acts of reckless driving.

What Consequences Are Possible?

In Virginia, the conviction of a traffic violation means several things:

  • A negative report on your driving record.
  • A certain number of demerit points assigned according to the severity of the charges.
  • Possible order of license suspension or revocation.
  • An order to participate in driver safety courses.

Notification to your insurance company

The Virginia DMV groups violations into three different demerit point groups: three, four, and six point violations. One example of a three point violation is driving five miles over the speed limit. These demerit points might stay on your record for five years. An example of a six point violation involving reckless driving includes passing a school bus which will remain on your record for eleven years.

Obviously, you will be facing some serious consequences for a reckless driving charge. Time to contact a Richmond Reckless Driving Lawyer.

What to Ask When Searching for a Good Reckless Driving Lawyer

Once you have gathered up a short list of potential lawyers, you’ll want to carefully evaluate your different choices. Naturally, you should choose a lawyer with a solid reputation and plenty of experience. If you can’t find any background on a lawyer, you should probably just move on to the next option. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Take time to visit with each lawyer you are considering for representation. Get answers to the following questions:

  • Does the lawyer handle cases similar to yours? How often has the lawyer been successful with those cases?
  • How often has the lawyer represented clients in court? Has the lawyer worked in the courtroom where your case will be tried before? Does the lawyer have experience with the judge and the prosecuting attorney?

Will other professionals be working on your case? How much of your case will they be handling?

What to Expect from the Reckless Driving Lawyer

You should be able to expect respectful and highly qualified representation from the lawyer you choose. Before your case makes it to trial, your lawyer will be working closely with many law enforcement officers, the prosecutors, and other court officials. Look for a lawyer who maintains good relationships with these professionals. Your lawyer should also be willing to go through their intended strategy with you and keep you up-to-date with any developments in the case.

Following the case, you’ll want your lawyer to follow up with post-conviction assistance. Look for a lawyer who will help you to understand the details of your conviction, including any restrictions which you will be under and any obligations you will have as a result of the conviction. It is important that your lawyer help you after a conviction so that you are able to regain your driving privileges as quickly as possible.

The consequences you’ll face after a reckless driving conviction are serious. You need to know that the lawyer you’ve hired will provide you with the best representation possible.

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Why Do I Need a Richmond Va Reckless Driving Lawyer?

If you’ve received any kind of traffic ticket for the first time, you have more options than simply paying the fine or going to court. It’s best that you seriously consider hiring a traffic lawyer to help and advise you with your case. Even if the fee isn’t that expensive, there’s still a chance that the judge might order you to do community service, go to driving school and pay all of the necessary court costs. Rather than buckling and giving in, turn to an experienced traffic lawyer.

Don’t Just Pay the Fine

While paying the fine for your traffic ticket means that you don’t have to risk wasting half a day in court, it also means that you throw away the chance to have your charge dismissed entirely or reduced. A traffic lawyer can help you show the judge that you have a good driving record or even that your speedometer was broken when you received the ticket. Traffic lawyers can show the judge your extensive driving record and your lack of convictions. If the lawyer is able to prove that your speedometer wasn’t working, there’s a good chance that the judge will reduce the traffic ticket to defective equipment. The good thing about this is that defective equipment doesn’t carry negative points with the DMV.

If you simply pay the fine, you risk throwing away the opportunity to have your charged reduced and you still have to pay court fees on top of the cost of your ticket.

A Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

Should your insurance company ever find out that you received a traffic ticket, there’s a very good chance that your insurance premiums will increase since you’ll be viewed as an at-risk driver, which insurance companies would rather not deal with if they don’t absolutely have to. Depending on your insurance provider, there’s even a chance that your insurance company will cancel your policy entirely.

If you do have to pay higher premiums, you might have to do so for the next three to five years, in which time you could basically throw away thousands of dollars. Even though you’ll have to pay for the services of a reputable traffic lawyer, at least you won’t have to worry about spending more money than you absolutely have to on your insurance premiums.

Reckless Driving Lawyers Can Help You to Reduce Points

Something else that a traffic lawyer can help you with is reducing the points on your ticket. If you’re 11 miles over the legal speed limit, you might get a four-point ticket. If you’re only nine miles over the speed limit, you might get a two-point ticket. An experienced traffic lawyer can help you go from a four-point ticket to a two-point ticket. With the reduction in points, you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in future at-risk driver insurance payments.

There’s also a chance that a police officer might be using a poorly calibrated radar gun while they’re handing out tickets. It’s unusual for an officer to consistently write high tickets in a single day since there’s a low chance that people are actually going so fast in groups. A traffic lawyer will be able to check the calibration of their radar gun to make sure that it’s not set too high so that drivers are charged improperly.

Reckless Driving Lawyers Can Help You to Keep Your Job

You might not realize it, but a DUI can potentially cost you scholarships, loans, grants and even a job. You not only have to think about the present when deciding whether or not to plead guilty or pay a fine for a traffic ticket or a DUI, you also have to think about the effects that that traffic violation will have on your future career and educational prospects. You might not like the idea of having to pay a traffic lawyer, but by doing so now you could potentially be saving yourself your dream job or a scholarship in the future.

A Reckless Driving Lawyer Will Fight For You

You might think that you can fight your traffic ticket on your own, but what you need to understand is that you’ll be going up against a practiced prosecutor, one who will do everything they can to see to it that all of the charges stick. A traffic lawyer will have the experience and education necessary to build a case for you.

Consult a traffic lawyer the next time you get a traffic ticket instead of simply paying the fee. You never know when you might be simply ruining your future prospects.

Benefits of A Richmond Virginia Traffic Lawyer

How Virginia Traffic Lawyers Help Those with Serious Traffic Violations

If you find yourself at the unfortunate side of a legal battle due to negligent driving or other traffic violations, you are not alone. As human beings, we are wired to break the rules and push the limit. Unfortunately, most of the times that we think we are having fun, we are really posing a danger to those around us – sometimes without even realizing it. The following are some ways that Virginia traffic lawyers can help you if you have found yourself in such a situation.


If you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the first thing you should do is contact an attorney that specializes in drunk driving cases and traffic violations. You may think that you can handle it on your own, but you had that thought when you got behind the wheel, too. Get prepared – contact a traffic lawyer. And be honest with your lawyer so that they can ensure that your trial is fair. Your lawyer will strive to eliminate, disqualify, or suppress prior convictions. If impossible, they will try to minimize any consequences of those prior convictions. They can literally save you thousands of dollars by arguing against Virginia abusive drivers’ fees. In addition, your lawyer will be with you every step of the way, never leaving you alone to face a legal world that you do not understand.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving includes speeding, behavior that threatens life, and behavior that takes you out of control of the vehicle. If you are facing reckless driving charges, a traffic lawyer could become your best friend. Often, those who are convicted of reckless driving face thousands of dollars in fines, as well as jail time and driver’s license suspension. A good lawyer will help you to identify the best defense of the charges and work to reduce or possibly dismiss the case altogether based on a lack of evidence in your case.


Although speeding falls under the category of reckless driving, it is a violation all its own. A Virginia traffic lawyer uses legal strategies that you will not know of to dismiss or reduce the charges you incur from speeding. Lawyers will argue against the accuracy of the speed measuring equipment, if it was used properly, and what officer errors were made during the citation. Through proving mitigating circumstances, many drivers accused of speeding have seen the charges dropped all together.

Out of State Drivers

Unfortunately, if you are an out of state driver in Virginia and receive a citation for some sort of traffic violation here, you will have to face the charges in Virginia. The departments of motor vehicles in all fifty states are interconnected, making it easy for you to be held responsible for your traffic violations in Virginia even if you were just passing through. A traffic lawyer will assess your case completely and then come up with a plan that you will need to follow through with in order to clear your record and prove your innocence. Most states require that you are present in the state in order to take care of your charges. A lawyer can strive to take care of it for you long distance saving you time and frustration. In many of our cases, drivers have seen their fines reduced drastically or have had their tickets cleared all together.

Commercial Truck Drivers

If you suffer the consequence of a suspended license and you are a commercial truck driver, it could be a huge financial loss for you and your family. Traffic lawyers work directly with you to ensure that your case is resolved in a manner and time that will lessen the impacts on your everyday life. You may have more serious concerns than the typical person who receives a traffic violation and traffic lawyers will help you to get the fair representation you deserve –  preventing suspension of your CDL or providing a quick reinstatement of your privileges. Traffic lawyers are fully aware and knowledgeable about the laws in Virginia that apply to CDL drivers and will ensure that your case is taken care of in all fairness.

Hit & Run

A hit and run charge is a very serious charge with some crazy consequences. The good news is that if you are afraid of facing the charges on your own a traffic lawyer will be a great option for you. With a hit and run, you could face thousands of dollars in fines and depending on the severity of the injuries of the person you hit, possible prison time. Your lawyer will work to identify evidence in the case, work toward dismissal of the charges and provide a legal defense that you could never achieve by yourself.

Suspended License

If you drive on a suspended license and get caught, chances are that you will face fines and consequences that are more severe than when you lost your license in the first place. A second offense is even a misdemeanor. A good attorney will look over the situation to help plead your case to the judge. Whether you have had difficulty obtaining a license, were in an emergency situation, or a variety of other circumstances – a lawyer will strive to dismiss or reduce the charges against you.

Habitual Offender

If you are classified as a habitual offender, you could face some pretty serious charges the next time you get pulled over for something as minor as having your taillight out. A traffic lawyer works to determine what you can do to have your status reclassified as non-habitual. In addition, if you receive penalties while you are a habitual offender, a lawyer will help the court understand why you shouldn’t have more serious fines than anyone else in your situation.

Traffic violations can be some of the worst because of the fines, jail time, license suspension, and other consequences that can be incurred. In addition, there are often court dates to attend, classes to complete, and so many other things that just take up your time and cause you stress. Don’t do it on your own. A traffic lawyer in Virginia will ensure that your violation is treated fairly and that you are back on the road with the rest of us in no time.

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