Who is the Best Attorney for my Reckless Driving or Speeding Ticket in Virginia?

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People often ask and search the internet for the best attorney for their specific criminal or traffic charge in Virginia.  Various ranking systems and organizations claim to have pinpointed the “best” attorney for each practice area or location within Virginia.  Many times, this requires the attorney to pay the organization a monthly fee for this accolade. If the attorney doesn’t pay, they are no longer considered the “best” by that organization.  Some organizations such as Super Lawyers, however, are more neutral and peer-evaluated and do not require attorneys to pay fees to be listed.

So who is the best attorney for your traffic or criminal case in Virginia?

As one could guess, it’s usually not that straightforward.  For instance, some attorneys are better at trying cases than other attorneys and when you need to have a trial, that’s the attorney you want.  Some attorneys are more familiar with certain Virginia county courts than others and know the local policies and procedures for having matters reduced in that specific court with that specific judge. So a brilliant trial lawyer practicing in a court that they are not used to might result in a less than favorable outcome for you – even though in some people’s eyes, that attorney is the “best.” On the other hand, many traffic lawyers rarely, if ever, even have a trial.  This might be adequate for certain run of the mill cases, but prosecutors and police officers quickly catch on to the fact that some attorneys simply will never challenge them in court. This greatly hurts your chances of success in tougher cases.

Simply put, there’s no easy way to find the “best” Virginia attorney – especially through a quick Google search.  If you are looking for the best attorney for your Reckless Driving, speeding, or other traffic or criminal case in Virginia, you should try to find an attorney who possesses all of the following:

  • familiar with the specific court where your case is pending and its unique policies and procedures,
  • skilled at analyzing cases for potential legal defenses, and
  • knowledgeable of the Virginia statutes and case law relevant to your charge, and
  • willing and capable of having a trial on any criminal or traffic matter if that is what is needed for your case to succeed.

The attorneys at The Weiland Firm pride themselves on achieving and utilizing all of these qualities when defending our clients.  Some cases require finesse and mitigation.  Some courts require defendants to obtain certain documentation before they are willing to reduce or dismiss a charge.  Some cases require your lawyer to plead “Not Guilty” and challenge the police officer on their evidence and present relevant case law to rebut the charges.  Whatever the traffic or criminal case, the attorneys at the Weiland Firm will review the facts from both your perspective and that of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s witnesses (generally the ticketing police officer) and advise you on the law and the best course of action to get you the best possible outcome.  That, to us, is what the best attorney for your specific case is supposed to do.  Call The Weiland Firm for a free consultation today: 804-355-8037.