How to Avoid The Five Most Common Avoidable Driving Mistakes

How to Avoid The Five Most Common Avoidable Driving Mistakes

Fatal driving accidents happen every day. In fact, statistics show that nearly 6.3 million car accidents occur yearly. Although not every accident is necessarily avoidable, there are many car accidents that could have been prevented if drivers learned how to avoid the following common driving mistakes.

1 – Driving Arrogance

The fact that you have not been in a major car accident in the past does not give you the right to do things that you wouldn’t recommend for “poor drivers”. Every driver is vulnerable, including you. Most of the people out on the road most likely consider themselves “good drivers”, yet accidents continue to happen. If every driver learned how to avoid driving arrogance, the rest of this list would cease to exist. Almost all car accidents happen because of the root concern that a driver is over confident and is doing something they shouldn’t.

To avoid overconfidence and dangerous driving arrogance, heed all driving codes and safe driving tips, even if you feel like you don’t need to. Even if you beat all odds and are a perfect driver, you cannot change the driving habits of others on the road that may cause potential threats. If you aren’t giving your driving 100% of your attention, you may find yourself in a major accident. Avoid overconfidence and follow every safety measure while driving.

2 – Multitasking

Overconfident drivers often fall into a trap of multitasking. Although you might be asked to multitask in the workplace, multitasking on the road can prove fatal. The simple task of drinking out of a water bottle, or reaching for your phone, could create a huge distraction. Multitasking can be especially dangerous when traveling at high speeds when large distances are covered in a matter of seconds. Consider what could happen during that moment of distraction.

To avoid multitasking, prepare before you start the car. If you need to make a phone call, do it while you are parked. Though it shouldn’t need to be stated, never text while driving. Give the task of driving all of your attention to avoid careless and preventable accidents.

3 – Loose Items

The National Safety Council attributes 13,000 car accident related injuries each year to loose or fallen items in the car. At high speeds, loose items can quickly become threatening projectiles. When accidents occur, these items may prove very dangerous.

Preventing these types of problems is easy. Simply keep your car free from unnecessary “junk”. If you do need to bring supplies or other items with you, place them safely in the trunk.

4 – Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Fatigue

It hopefully goes without saying that driving under the influence of alcohol is a definite no. Many drivers, however, don’t understand the important of driving alertness. If you are drowsy, you should not be driving. Fatigue causes you to be impaired just as much as anything else.

5 – Neglecting To Look Both Ways

When you learn to drive, you are constantly reminded to “look both ways”. This rule often becomes forgotten when drivers have been in the car too long. It doesn’t matter if you are the only person at an intersection: look both ways every time. Your life may depend on it. When you consider how many drivers “accidentally” drive through a red light, it is important to look even when the light is green. You can never be too careful.


As you learn how to drive carefully and with 100% of your attention, you can avoid many common driving mistakes.

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