Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Marijuana

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Marijuana use is very common. The Laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia have changed as of July 1, 2020.
Virginia Law Statue § 18.2-250.1. for Possession of

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Virginia Marijuana Laws and Penalty

If you have been accused of cannabis or marijuana possession, the Virginia law firm of The Weiland Firm, PLC can help. Our firm has been in the practice of criminal defense law and traffic defense law for over two decades, and has helped hundreds of people accused of marijuana-related offenses. Our experienced Lawyers handle cases throughout Virginia – including Hanover CountyRichmondHenrico County and Chesterfield County Va among others. Let us be Your Possession of Marijuana lawyer. 

Have you been accused of possession of marijuana? The lawyers at The Weiland Firm, PLC regularly and successfully defend clients charged with possession of marijuana and can help you. Call us at (804) 355-8037 or contact us online.

We have taken numerous cases involving cannabis & marijuana to court. The Commonwealth of Virginia must show physical or constructive possession of the marijuana and prove the accused knew the character of the substance. We can argue that you should not be held responsible if a friend owned the substance, or that you are not guilty just because you owned the vehicle in which marijuana or alcohol was found.

Even if you are found guilty, we can help. Courts are allowed to take these matters under advisement, and to defer judgment under some circumstances.

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If you have been charged with marijuana possession in Virginia, contact our firm. We offer free initial consultations, accept credit cards and are conveniently located in Cary Town in Richmond Virginia. Call us at (804) 355-8037. Contact an attorney with experience in handling possession of cannabis & marijuana cases. Let us be Your Possession of Marijuana lawyer.

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The Richmond-based law firm of The Weiland Firm, PLC is ready to support you in your marijuana possession case. We serve clients who have been charged within City of Richmond and many other local jurisdictions surrounding the City of Richmond.  Jurisdictions The Weiland Firm, PLC serve include  Brunswick, Emporia, King George, Goochland County, Stafford County Henrico County, Hanover County, Chesterfield County, Prince George County, New Kent County, Spotsylvania County, Caroline County, Amelia County,  Greensville County,  the City of Hopewell, Sussex County, the City of Colonial Heights, the City of Petersburg, Dinwiddie County and Powhatan County.

Case Results:

Possession of Marijuana Charge Reduced in Chesterfield
Chesterfield Marijuana Possession Reduced and Avoided Jail Time
Two Clients In Hanover Va Charged With Possession Of Marijuana – Dismissed!

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