Most Notorious Richmond Va Speed Traps

Most Notorious Richmond Va Speed Traps

For drivers in or travelers through the Commonwealth of Virginia, the state Captiol city of Richmond Virginia has some time honored or rather ominous common speed traps that are set up by both local police, county sheriffs and Va State patrol officers. There sole mission, in these ominous hiding spots, is to catch you for Speeding or other Driving Infractions.

Tip: Common Virginia Speed Trap Tactics by Officers

Located on Highway Entrance Ramps.
Unmarked Cars on Should Of The Road.
Highways that approach a city or town, speed limit usually drops significantly.
After a Blind Curve.
Behind Obstructions of Normal View – Bridges, Underpasses, Hills, Curves.

We will break these down into various parts of the city for Richmonders  as well as the the highways and byways around and through Richmond for the travelers in route to destination

TIP: If You are traveling over 20 miles per hour over the allowed speed limit or traveling over 80 miles per hour regardless of the allowed speed limit; then you can be charged with Reckless Driving.

(Image Source Google Maps  – Older Data on Maps – Newer Info Below)

Highways and Byways Speed Traps around Richmond Va ( Henrico Count Va, Chesterfield County Va)

Interstate – I-95 Richmond Area Speed Traps

I-95 Exit 69 Bells Rd Exit Speed Trap

Va State Troopers have been know to sit on the side of the road in unmarked cars on both Northbound and Southbound directions


Northbound I-95 Immediately after Exit 75 & Exit 76 Speed Trap

North bound traffic approaching exit 75 & exit 76 where I-95 and I-64 merge, a officer may be sitting approximately half a mile further on and pointing his radar directly at you. Slow Down!!!

Interstate – I-64 Richmond Area Speed Traps

I-64 at  Laburnum Ave Exits Speed Trap

Trooper like to hangout on either the exit ramps or the medium.  You usually can’t see them until it is too late



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I-64- Exits 178 and Exit 180 near Short Pump  Speed Trap

A two mile corridor on I-64 both East and West Bound traffic should be aware of police traps between Exit 178 and Exit 180.


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Southside Richmond (Chesterfield County) Speed Traps

Chippenham Parkway (Route 150)

Chippenham Parkway (Route 150) Janke Rd Exit ( by Chippenham Hospital) Speed Trap

State Troopers, Chesterfield County Officers, and Richmond City Police all hang out near the Janke Rd Exits on Chippenham Parkway (Route 150)



Chippenham Parkway (Route 150) Powhite Parkway Speed Trap

Just a few miles from Janke Rd Exit, the Chippenham Parkway ( Route 50) Intersects with Powhite Parkway Route 60.  This is also a notorius spot for the Police from every direction, North, South, East and West as Police have know to hide out around each exits ramps, shoulders of the road, etc


Chippenham Parkway (Route 150) Near Huguenot Road Exit Speed Trap

Just past the Powhite Parkway (Route 60) intersection about 2 miles up the road you come to the Huguenot Rd Exit and bridge.   Police like to handout either on the On-off ramps or shoulders of the road. There is a good blind spot because of the bridge and on-off ramps for them to hide.



Chippenham Parkway (Route 150)  Near River Road Speed Trap ( North Bound Traffic)

Usually for North Bound travelers on Chippenham parkway (route 150) as you are crossing the James River, the road/bridge turns or curves to the right.  Police offices like to site either in the medium just after the bride, or on the side of the road ( not visible because of the blind curve) Speed limit on the bride is 40 MPH while normal Route 50 traffic is listed as 55 MPH



More to be added soon!

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