How to Obtain Your Virginia Driving Record

How to Obtain Your Virginia Driving Record

The old adage, “The advice you receive is only as good as the accuracy of the information you provide,” is very applicable when consulting an attorney in a traffic case. It’s important for the attorney to know as much of the prospective client’s driving record as possible during an initial consultation. A current driver history or driving record is the best way to provide an attorney with that information.

Each state maintains a driving record for drivers licensed to drive in those states. It’s important to consult the procedures for obtaining driving records applicable to the state in which a person is licensed to drive. The type of records available to drivers varies greatly from state to state. For instance, drivers licensed in North Carolina may obtain a three year or seven year driving record. On the other hand, Virginia licensed drivers are only able to obtain an eleven year driver history from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Please keep in mind even former Virginia licensed drivers may have a Virginia driving history. So, a person currently licensed in Maryland who had a Virginia driver’s license five years ago, should obtain a Maryland and a Virginia driving record.

How to Request Your Virginia Driving Record

There are three ways to obtain a Virginia driving history.

  1. The first and most convenient is to use the Internet. Simply go to and apply for a MyDMV Account. Once a MyDMV Account is established, two types of records may be obtained; a Record at a Glance and an Official Record. The Record at a Glance is provided free of charge. It provides the current driving status (licensed, not licensed suspended, or revoked), point balance, driving restrictions, organ donor status, and expiration date. However, an attorney is going to need more information than is contained the Record at a Glance. The type of record is the full record. This is way more useful to an attorney because this record includes the types and number of convictions on your record as well as the years those convictions occurred. The cost for obtaining a full driving record online is $7.00. Please keep in mind it may take up to fifteen days for you to receive your driving record in the mail. However, a person may view their full driving record online for five days from the date of purchase.
  2. The second method of obtaining a driving record is to go to the nearest Virginia DMV Service Center. It costs $8.00 to obtain a driving record at a Virginia DMV Service Center.
  3. The third way to obtain a driving record is to request one by mail. The mailing address is:

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Vehicle (Driver) Records Work Center
P. O. Box 27412, Richmond, VA 23269

Make sure to enclose a personal check, money order, or certified check for $8.00 along with your name, address, social security number, and the reason for your record request.

It’s wise to obtain a current driving record before contacting a traffic attorney regarding your case. Providing the attorney with the most up to date driver history permits the attorney to provide you with the best advice possible. An experienced attorney will be able to combine his or her knowledge of a specific jurisdiction with the driving record information to formulate an effective representation strategy.

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