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Beyond Virginia: Speeding Ticket Fines

If you have ever received a speeding ticket in Virginia, you’re first concern is probably how much it’s going to cost you. Aside from the fine and court costs, you also have to think about increased insurance premiums. In the United States, you’re likely to face no more than $2,500 in fines in the most EXTREME speeding cases. Speeding in a different country, however, may be detrimental to your wallet. Here are some examples of the highest speeding fines from around the globe.


While a speeding ticket is unlikely to cost you more than $1,000 in most of Canada, fines are determined by province. A motorcyclist was caught going 164 MPH in the province of Alberta and paid a $12,000 fine in a deal made with prosecutors that allowed him to retain his license. The maximum possible fine is $25,000 in Alberta , a province known for its straight and typically empty highways. Ease off the pedal next time you visit our neighbor to the north.


Do you make an annual income of $30,000 a year? If you’re caught speeding in Norway, expect to pay a $3,000 fine on your ticket. Norway levies a fine of 10% of your annual income for speeding tickets. Alongside the fine, Norwegian law imposes a mandatory minimum 18-day jail sentence for speeds deemed excessive.


Finland levies speeding fines based upon the annual income of the speedster in question. Jussi Salonoja, heir to a European meatpacking company, earned $11.5 million in 2002. After being caught speeding 50 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, Salonoja was fined $200,000.


The fine imposed for a speeding ticket in Switzerland is not only based on income, but factors in the velocity at which the offender was traveling. A 37-year-old man was driving his $200,000 Mercedes SLS AMG when he was clocked traveling 186 MPH. The driver had not been clocked by numerous speed cameras along the highway because they were incapable of clocking any speed higher than 125 MPH. The vehicle was impounded and the driver now faces a fine of over $800,000. That’s four times the value of the car!

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