6 Reasons a Lawyer Should Fight Your Ticket

6 Reasons a Lawyer Should Fight Your Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket is not a fun experience, but most people have gotten one or more in their lifetime. While most people just pay the ticket and move on, it may be worth it to hire a traffic lawyer to fight your ticket. Many people get tickets when they don’t necessarily deserve them. For example, maybe you got a speeding ticket when you were just keeping up with the flow of traffic. Perhaps you got a parking ticket for backing into a parking space when the sign was not posted anywhere. Whether the ticket was your fault or not, you have a great chance of having the ticket removed from your record if you fight it. However, you likely don’t know the best way to go about fighting your traffic ticket, so it’s a good idea to have a lawyer fight it for you. Nine out of ten people will just pay the ticket whether it was their fault or not, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be one of those people. Having traffic tickets can increase your insurance rates, lead to hefty fines, and affect your driving record. As you can see, it may well be worth it to have a lawyer fight for you to try to get your ticket dismissed. There are a few different ways that having a lawyer on your side can help you.

1. They Know How to Get Out of It

When you get a traffic ticket, your first instinct isn’t likely how to find a mistake on the ticket or how to prove that you didn’t do whatever the ticket said that you did. However, a lawyer will know how to find the things that the average person can’t find. They can find errors that not many people will notice, and if there is an error or mistake on your ticket, then it will almost certainly be dismissed. These errors will likely be missed by most people fighting by themselves to have their traffic ticket dismissed, so you can benefit greatly from having a lawyer that knows what technicalities they can use to help you get out of your ticket.

2. Traffic Lawyers Can Get Your Ticket Reduced

Let’s say that there are no mistakes on your traffic ticket, and it turns out that there is no way for you to get out of your traffic ticket. Hopefully it won’t come to this, but there are times where you have to take responsibility for whatever it is you did. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to pay the entire fine. Your lawyer will likely be able to negotiate and get a lower fine, which can make a huge difference in how much you pay. They may be able to use your good driving record as a reason for why your ticket should be reduced, or they might find another reason that convinces the judge that reducing your ticket is a good idea. This is something you likely won’t be able to do on your own.

3. Traffic Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

You most likely don’t know what rights you have as a driver in the state of Virginia. However, your lawyer knows just about everything there is to know when it comes to traffic law. They know how to argue for you and they know how to fight for your rights. In addition to knowing they will fight for your rights, it’s nice to know that you have somebody that understands the law fully on your side. This will greatly increase your chances of having your ticket reduced or dismissed altogether.

4. It’s Probably Less Expensive Than You Think

When most people hear the word “lawyer”, they usually think of something that’s way too expensive for them to even consider. While this may be true for some lawyers, most traffic lawyers have quite reasonable rates. After all, what would the point be in hiring a lawyer if their fees are more expensive than your ticket would be? Because of this, most traffic lawyers charge low rates for their clients. Fighting a traffic ticket takes a lot less time than handling a murder case. In fact, many traffic lawyers are able to handle dozens and sometimes even hundreds of cases in one day. This is part of the reason it’s not typically expensive to hire a traffic lawyer. When you consider that in addition to getting your ticket reduced or dismissed they can get it removed from your record, you will likely see how hiring a lawyer is very well worth it.

5. Prosecutors are More Intimidated by Experienced Traffic Lawyers

People who represent themselves likely aren’t going to scare the prosecutors. It’s pretty understandable, considering that most people aren’t going to fight very hard since they don’t really know how to fight. This is why most people who represent themselves typically have higher fines and harsher penalties. As soon as a lawyer shows up, however, prosecutors realize that the defendant can’t be bullied by them. They recognize that the lawyer knows what they are doing, so they are much more likely to give in, which means that you are a lot less likely to have to pay the ticket.

6. It Can Change the Judge’s View of You

It makes sense that people who are innocent are likely to be innocent. Most people who know they have done what the tickets says they did are either going to pay the ticket, or show up to court in hopes that the police officer doesn’t show up. However, if you are so invested in your case that you bring a lawyer into it, the court is going to be more likely to believe that you are innocent. Because of this, having a lawyer on your side may make the judge more likely to rule in your favor, regardless of whether or not you are guilty.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a lawyer on your side. Even if you think you are guilty of the ticket, it doesn’t hurt to see if you can get your ticket reduced or perhaps dismissed because of an error on the ticket. Hiring a lawyer is likely cheaper than paying the ticket itself, so you don’t have much to lose.

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