It’s Never About the Money.
It’s Always About You.

At our Richmond, Virginia traffic and criminal defense law firm, attorneys with years of experience in the courtrooms of the State stand ready to assist you in combatting whatever traffic violation or crime you’ve been charged with – no matter the seriousness of the charge. Our focus allows us to continually improve our efforts on behalf of clients – from our knowledge and familiarity with Virginia’s DUI and traffic laws to our negotiation and trial skills. That level of focus, and our well-established practice, give us capabilities that no other area firm can match and empower us to deliver exceptional results both inside and outside the courtroom. We put our reputation on the line each time we accept a case and work hard for a successful outcome.

Traffic Law Focus

Our top-notch attorneys are laser-focused on traffic law using proven strategies to defend clients in Virginia.

In-Depth Consultations

You can discuss your Virginia traffic violation or crime with one of our world-class trial lawyers free of charge.

Incredible Success Rates

Reckless driving cases, DUI/DWI cases, speeding, underage possession of alcohol, marijuana possession and more.

Well-Established Practice

Our experienced attorneys have developed strong relationships with all the relevant Officers inside Virginia’s courtrooms.