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In Henrico and other areas of Virginia, even the smallest traffic violation can lead to serious consequences in your life. Traffic offenses in Virginia are classified as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. If you have been charged with any traffic violation in Henrico VA, talk to our traffic lawyers today. At Weiland and Firm, we are experienced in handling a wide range of traffic cases.

Reckless Driving

When you get a speeding ticket or any other minor traffic infraction, the chances are high that you will just pre-pay the ticket and forget about the incident within a few days. You might accrue a few demerit points on your driving record, and the issue may end there. However, reckless driving is a different case altogether. A reckless driving conviction can lead to far-reaching and serious impacts on your life. So, what constitutes reckless driving in Virginia? More than 14 violations are considered as reckless driving in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

They include general reckless driving, reckless driving by speed, failure to maintain control, driving a vehicle with obstructed view and drag racing. Others include passing two vehicles abreast, driving overloaded vehicle, two vehicles in one lane, passing with an obstructed view, failing to give way to an emergency vehicle and driving too fast for conditions, among others. The consequences of reckless driving in Henrico VA include fines of up to $2,500, license suspension, a possible jail term, demerit points against your driving license and increase in insurance premiums. Apart from the administrative and legal penalties, you will also end up with a permanent criminal record, which can damage your reputation and negatively affect your future opportunities.

Driving Under the Influence

Those arrested in Henrico VA for driving while intoxicated with drugs or alcohol can be charged with DUI. Once an officer suspects you are driving while intoxicated, they will order you to pull over, arrest you and then take you to a police station. At the station, a BAC test will be undertaken. In most instances, the officers will use a breathalyzer. However, blood can also be drawn to be tested for alcohol content. As much as you have the right to refuse such a test, the penalties for refusal are instant and may lead to loss of driving privileges for up to one year. As much as BAC tests may appear as airtight evidence, they are not enough to prove you were driving under the influence. Henrico VA traffic attorneys have had them dismissed successfully, on various grounds such as BAC device errors and procedural errors. Sometimes an unqualified person may have operated the testing device, or the breathalyzer device may have been improperly calibrated. Either way, you require an experienced Henrico VA traffic lawyer to identify these weaknesses in the evidence presented by the defense. If you are convicted of DUI, your license may be suspended for at least 6 months. You will also be required to pay a certain amount of fine. Other penalties include demerit points on your driving record, as well as a permanent criminal record. Also, if you are carrying out a probation and you happen to be charged with DUI, then your probation will be negatively affected by these new criminal charges. The level of penalties depends on prior DUI convictions.

Driving on a Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a major traffic violation, which carries severe penalties when convicted. Therefore, if you are facing these charges, you need to contact a Henrico VA traffic lawyer. Also, driving without a license is not allowed in Virginia, unless under certain unique circumstances. For example, if you are a new resident over the age of 16 years and 3 months, and you had been licensed to drive in another state, then you are exempted from this law for 60 days. During those 60 days, you should make an effort of acquiring a valid VA driving license. If you are convicted of driving with a suspended license, you will automatically receive a license suspension for up to 90 days. You may also receive other penalties, depending on prior convictions and driving history. If it’s your first offense, then you will be facing penalties such as a jail term of six months and fines of up to $1,000. However, if you have similar prior convictions, then the penalties will increase accordingly.

Aggressive Driving

In Henrico VA, you can be charged with aggressive driving if you are driving in a manner that poses a hazard to another individual, with the intent to intimidate, harass or injure that person. Although aggressive driving is not as common as speeding, reckless driving, and DUI, the consequences are serious if you happen to be convicted. The elements of aggressive driving include improper stopping, failing to yield, and improper passing. Traffic officers will then charge you with aggressive driving if they feel that you did those actions with the intent to cause injury, harass or intimidate another road person. Standard aggressive driving is usually considered as a Class 2 misdemeanor offense. The penalties include a fine of up to $500, 6 months in jail as well as a potential license suspension. Since aggressive driving is not easy to prove, most officers will cite it as reckless driving.

Experienced Henrico VA Traffic Lawyers

When it comes to traffic charges, even a minor traffic infraction in Virginia can lead to serious consequences, if not handled appropriately. At Weiland & Firm, we are your experienced Henrico VA traffic lawyers, ready to represent you on all matters related to traffic charges. Having handled thousands of similar cases before, we know what it feels like when you are facing serious charges such as DUI or reckless driving and speeding. Even a simple traffic violation such as speeding can leave you with a permanent criminal record. The good news is that we are here to ensure that doesn’t happen. We will ensure you are thoroughly prepared for trial, and always inform you of any progress we make. We are here to represent your best interests.

Featured Review

Just finished in court today with John and had a reckless driving ticket dismissed (71MPH in a 35MPH zone)!! I consulted probably 5 or so lawyers prior to hiring John. Once I spoke with him, I knew he was the guy. He was certainly on the higher end of the spectrum but worth every penny! John came up with a game plan prior to my court date, was organized and responsive throughout the process, and presented the facts clearly and succinctly in court. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and it’s all thanks to John!

Review by: Published: 11/5/2017
Rating: 5 stars

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Our Henrico VA traffic lawyers are experienced in handling all forms of traffic cases, regardless of their complexity. Whether you have been charged with reckless driving, evading arrest, driving with a suspended license or DUI, we are here to ensure you get the best legal representation. If you have been charged with any traffic violation in Henrico VA and you would want to explore your options, please contact us today.

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