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Reckless driving traffic summonscharges are common in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, unlike other traffic citations like failing to stop at a sign or speeding, reckless driving is always treated like a criminal offense (a Class 1 misdemeanor in Hanover County VA). You can be charged for reckless driving in multiple ways such as racing, speeding or endangering the lives and safety of other road users. Due to the seriousness of this criminal offense, you can even be charged with a felony if property was damaged and lives were lost. At the Weiland Firm, PLC, your experienced Hanover County Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyers, we have aggressively protected the rights of criminal defendants in Virginia for decades including those charged with reckless driving. Contact us today and let our attorneys get to work right away

Experienced Hanover County VA Reckless Driving Lawyers

Most people assume that reckless driving is just like any other traffic offense. However, if you have been charged with reckless driving, you might be facing wide-ranging and serious sanctions if convicted and found guilty. In such a situation, it is always advisable to consider your legal options very carefully when faced with a reckless driving case in Hanover County VA.

Receive an objective assessment of your case. Call (804) 355-8037 to speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers.

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Although there are hundreds of legal firms and attorneys in Virginia, only a few are truly specialized in traffic offenses. At the Weiland Firm, PLC, we are experienced Hanover VA reckless driving lawyers with the successes to prove it. We take a personalized approach to your case and consider all the legal options at our disposal

We take the time to go through your charges carefully, so that we can present the strongest defense possible. Our attorneys are highly trained and experienced, to handle these types of cases. We don’t take anything lightly either and treat all clients equally. We have helped thousands of men and women facing reckless driving charges and we can help you too.

Although we cannot guarantee or predict the outcome of any case before the court, we always ensure our clients receive the best legal representation. We uphold professionalism and dignity, while handling our cases with the speed they deserve. When you pay for a traffic ticket, you are simply admitting guilt. If you plead guilty to a reckless driving charge, you are facing a criminal conviction, which might affect your life in future. Therefore, before you pay for any traffic ticket, talk to us immediately, so that we can work out the best way forward. Call (804) 355-8037 for a free consultation

The Weiland Firm, PLC is a leading firm of Hanover Va Reckless Driving Lawyers

Reckless Driving Penalties

Under Commonwealth of Virginia State Law Code 46.2-862 Exceeding speed limit is a Reckless Driving Offense: A person shall be guilty of reckless driving who drives a motor vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth (i) at a speed of twenty miles per hour or more in excess of the applicable maximum speed limit or (ii) in excess of eighty-five miles per hour regardless of the applicable speed limit.

Example: On Interstate Highways like I-95 or I -64 that has a posted speed limit of 70 MPH, if you are traveling at a speed of just 16 miles over the speed limit or 81 Miles per hour, you could be stopped and be charged with a Reckless Driving Summons.

Reckless driving laws in Virginia are complex. Therefore, if you are convicted, you are facing serious charges. In Virginia, you can be charged with reckless driving if your speed is more than 85 MPH or if your speed is more than 20 MPH, over the posted speed limit.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Traffic laws also signify the following as reckless driving:

46.2-854 Passing on a grade or on a curve
46.2-855 Driving with view obstructed/control impaired
46.2-856 Passing two vehicles abreast
46.2-857 Driving two abreast in a single lane
46.2-858 Passing at a railroad grade crossing
46.2-859 Passing a stopped school bus
46.2-860 Failing to give proper signals
46.2-861 Driving too fast conditions
46.2-863 Failure to yield
46.2-864 Recklessness in parking lots, etc
46.2-865.1 Injuring or causing death of another while racing; penalties
46.2-866 Racing; aiders or abettors
46.2-867 Racing; seizure of motor vehicle
46.2-868.1 Aggressive Driving

If convicted and found guilty of reckless driving, then the consequences are as follows.

– Criminal conviction: Most people assume that reckless driving is just another traffic infraction. The truth is, all the 14 forms of reckless driving in Hanover County, VA, are criminal charges. They are not traffic tickets. It is therefore treated as a class 1 misdemeanor, in the same category as assault, DUI and possession of marijuana. You also need to note that all criminal charges in Virginia are permanent. They are never expunged from your records. You are therefore facing up to 12 months of jail time. Apart from jail time, reckless driving can still lead to other serious consequences.

– License Suspension: Apart from jail time, the court may suspend your driving license for a period of six months, if you are found guilty of reckless driving. The suspension takes place right after conviction. The bailiff confiscates your license in the courtroom as the judge issues the sentence. If you fail to hand over your driving license, then you are facing an indefinite suspension or extension.

– Fees and Fines: If you have been convicted of reckless driving, then you may be required to pay fines of up to $2,500 as well as insurance premiums. Other charges include $62 court fees, $175 for license reinstatement and $225 for restricted license fees. These amounts change frequently and you may encounter a different figure when charged.

– Expensive Insurance Premiums: A reckless driving conviction can significantly increase your insurance premiums. In such a situation, it is always advisable to talk to your insurance provider. However, if your current premium is low and your driving record is clean, then the reckless driving conviction will inflict serious damages.

– Civil Liability: If your reckless driving resulted in an accident, then you are likely to be sued. If a court determines you caused an accident while driving recklessly, then a civil judge court will determine whether the accident happened because of reckless driving. If found guilty of causing an accident due to reckless driving, suing you is easier and cheaper for the other party. The insurance provider may take care of the financial damages. However, they may still sue you, based on the outcome of the case.

– Demerit Points: As a Virginia driver, you start with zero points when you receive your driving license. Every year, you are added one point, until you hit a maximum of five. On the other hand, a reckless driving charge subtracts six points from your record and remains for 11 years. Using the points on your driving record, the DMV may suspend your license, place you on probation or require you to take an improvement class. This suspension is not dependent of the outcomes of the court. If you accumulate 8 demerit points within 12 months or 12 demerit points in 24 months, then you will receive an advisory letter.

Why Weiland Firm, PLC

Due to the nature and complexity of reckless driving charges, as well as the damaging consequences when convicted, it is always advisable to hire attorneys specialized in criminal offenses.

At the Weiland Firm, PLC, this is our main area of specialization. Using our extensive experience in matters related to reckless driving, we will research your case and then prepare a formidable defense. We can also appear in court on your behalf, which means you don’t have to be present. This saves you money and time, thus one of the main benefits of hiring an experienced reckless driving attorney.

Receive an objective assessment of your case. Call (804) 355-8037 to speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers.

Featured Review

I received a reckless driving ticket in March of this year, doing 88 in 70MPH zone on I295 in Hanover County.

I’m from Canada and to my surprise, instead of getting a regular, albeit pricey ticket, it was RD charge and I had to show up in court, this was misdemeanor charge too! Needles to say I wasn’t impressed and have been quite worried about implications, and having to show up for court thus spending hundreds of dollars on plane ticket alone.

Found Mr. Weiland and from day one him and his office were extremely professional and quick to respond to any questions.

Mr. Weiland under-promised and over-delivered. He was able to have my Reckless Driving charge dismissed with me only having to pay court costs and finish an online driving course. I’d say those are superb results for someone who was speeding 18 over limit and also has a year old speeding ticket in his record. In fact, it’s magic!
The services they provide are exceptional and once it’s all done you feel huge sense of “money well spent” because Mr. Weiland and his team are A+ firm.

I wish him all the best and am thankful I found him!

Review by: Mimo O
Rating: 5 stars

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If you have been charged with any form of reckless driving in Virginia, contact us today and we will answer all your concerns. Whether you are a government employee, professional driver or college student, we are here for you. Call (804) 355-8037 today.

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If you have been charged with any form of reckless driving in Virginia, contact us today and we will answer all your concerns. Whether you are a government employee, professional driver, or college student, we are here for you. Call is at (804) 355-8037

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