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Emporia Virginia Speeding Ticket

Most people know Virginia is not a state that takes speeding lightly. Virginia, in fact, is known as being one of the strictest states in the US regarding speeding tickets and speed related offenses. An Emporia VA Speeding Ticket is no different – perhaps more excessive even. You should be aware that police in Emporia, Virginia aggressively enforce speed limits and frequently patrol both I-95 and Route 58. If you’re not careful you’ll be the recipient of an Emporia VA Speeding Ticket. There are three distinct police departments in the area: the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police (Troopers), and the Emporia Police Department. Your chances of getting an Emporia Virginia Speeding Ticket are good if you don’t watch the speedometer while driving through.

An Emporia VA Speeding Ticket is easily one of the most common traffic citations issued in Emporia VA. The odds of getting off with a warning when faced with a Traffic Summons are slim-to-none in Emporia.  Once you receive the speeding ticket you can look forward to the following negative consequences if convicted:

  • Excessively large fines and court costs
  • Increased premiums for your automobile insurance
  • Demerit points assessed to your license ( these range from 3, 4, and even 6 depending upon your speed when ticketed)
  • Loss of driving privileges for a length of time determined by speed of citation and prior convictions
  • If your speed is determined to be reckless driving you face a jail sentence

Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers Emporia VA

With years of combined experience dealing with the legal ramifications of speeding ticket traffic law, The Weiland Firm, PLC Attorneys-At-Law – a prestigious and trusted local law firm – is the only name you need to know when faced with the negative impacts an Traffic Ticket can bring. Our experienced and respected attorneys are regularly recognized for their professional acumen and unmatched ethical standards – a fact we’re very proud of. For motorists who take their driving records and privileges behind the wheel seriously, The Weiland Firm, PLC is the firm to call when you need the assistance of an Emporia VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer.

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Emporia Virginia Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket Attorneys

In many states, but especially in Virginia – and even more specifically in Emporia VA – the most egregious type of speeding ticket is a reckless driving speeding ticket. The worst of these tickets, and easily the most infamous locally, is the Emporia VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket given out to motorists on Interstate 95. The law in Virginia, and this is where the problem lies, explicitly states that a driver shall be considered to be guilty of reckless driving if they exceed 85 miles per hour – regardless of the posted speed limit pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-862. That means that a driver can be stopped and cited for a Class 1 Misdemeanor for going just 16 miles per hour faster than the posted speed limit on the stretch of Interstate 95 that passes through Emporia, Virginia. Drivers from other states are often dumbfounded when handed an Emporia VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket (which constitutes a misdemeanor if convicted) for something so seemingly innocuous. The experienced attorneys at The Weiland Firm, PLC regularly defend our clients from this exact type of ticket in the Emporia VA courts. We know the court and its specific policies for Reckless Driving tickets, and know how best to defend our clients in this setting. While we know every case is different, and will be judged accordingly, we have the knowledge and experience needed to formulate a successful defense with arguments specific to the details of your case. After thorough examination of each case, we put our extensive expertise and every tool the law allows to work in order to secure a successful outcome for our client.

We offer free initial consultations and accept credit cards, so call us at (804) 355-8037 or contact us online.

An Emporia Virginia Speeding Ticket may be charged with the following:

  • 46.2-862 Reckless Driving Speeding
  • 46.2-870 Speeding
  • 46.2-871 Maximum Speed Limit for School Buses
  • 46.2-872 Maximum Speed Limits for Vehicles Under Special Permits
  • 46.2-873 Speeding in a School Zone or at a School Crossing
  • 46.2-873.1 Maximum Speed Limit on Nonsurface Treated Highways
  • 46.2-873.2 Maximum Speed Limit on Rural Rustic Roads
  • 46.2-874 Speeding in a Business or Residential District
  • 46.2-875 Maximum Speed Limit on Certain Other Highways
  • 46.2-877 Minimum Speed Limits (Impeding the Flow of Traffic)
  • 46.2-878 Authority to Change Speed Limits
  • 46.2-878.1 Speeding in a Highway Work Zone
  • 46.2-878.2 Maximum Speed Limits in Certain Residential Districts
  • 46.2-881 Speeding on Bridges, Tunnels and Interstates
  • 46.2-947 Speeding Within Highway Safety Corridor

Anyone who has ever been given a traffic citation has probably had the thought that they could easily defend themselves in a court of law. They assume they don’t need an experienced Emporia VA Speeding Ticket Attorney. It’s only traffic court after all – how hard could it be? Well, as it turns out, depending upon your particular case and its details, it can be quite difficult to secure the outcome you want. That’s why you should at least talk to an experienced Emporia VA Speeding Ticket Attorney regarding your case and the potential outcomes. The Weiland Firm, PLC can ensure that your legal rights will be protected throughout the proceeding, and you’ll never feel intimidated by your surroundings or the officers of the court themselves. Most importantly, an Emporia VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer gives you the best chance at earning fewer points on your license, an overall smaller fine, and far less hassle. Our proven approach begins with a detailed examination of your case and ends with a well-defined strategy we feel offers the best defense available to our client. If you’re seriously considering defending your rights and your driving record against an Emporia VA Speeding Ticket call The Weiland Firm, PLC today for a free initial consultation at (804) 355-8037

Emporia VA Speeding Tickets can be troublesome, expensive, and even criminal. With so many officers on patrol, including Virginia State Troopers, Emporia Police, and the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, you run the risk of being issued a citation any time you go over the speed limit. And when 16 miles per hour can land you a criminal conviction, you need to take the charge seriously and call an experienced Emporia VA Reckless Driving Attorney – like the expert legal team at The Weiland Firm, PLC. The officers who write these tickets have a lot of experience in traffic patrol, understand the procedures they are required to follow, and generally come to court ready to prove their cases. In order to combat this in court, we often rely on proven advocacy techniques that have a history of protecting our clients – even if the evidence against them is enough to prove the allegation in court. We can’t promise this will be the outcome in every case. It’s just not possible in every case due to mitigating factors such as allegations of extremely high speeds (reckless driving), clients with poor to very poor driving records, and other such harmful circumstances particular to the individual, their actions, and their past history. In these scenarios, you have no choice but to trust a respected Emporia VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer to fight for you against the evidence, the charges, and the consequences. The expert attorneys at The Weiland Firm, PLC are knowledgeable and understand through past experience all of the current Virginia traffic speeding laws, traffic court procedures, and technical and procedural defense strategies.

When facing the potential damaging after effects of an Speeding Ticket, you need to call an experienced Traffic Attorney for the professional defense this type of citation requires. It’s the best way to safeguard your driving record and future driving privileges. Contact The Weiland Firm, PLC today to schedule your free initial consultation.

We offer free initial consultations and accept all major credit cards, call (804) 355-8037 or contact us online.

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