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Emporia Va is known for handing out reckless driving tickets and speed traps
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Most people assume that an Emporia Va reckless driving charge in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a simple citation, and the case will be discharged with a simple fine. However in Emporia Virginia reckless driving is considered as a class 1 misdemeanor, which carries significant fines, suspended or revoked license or even jail time. You should also note that if convicted due to reckless driving, you would end up with a criminal record, which cannot be expunged.

If you are faced with a summons from Emporia Va, it is in your best interest to consult a knowledgeable and experienced Emporia Va Traffic Attorney. Call one of our experienced traffic attorneys at 804-355-8037

If you are found guilty of reckless driving, you could end up with a permanent criminal record, which could affect your future opportunities for education and employment. Therefore, never take reckless driving charges lightly. Seek the help of experienced and skilled Emporia VA reckless driving lawyers at Weiland & Upton The Emporia Va Reckless Driving Lawyers immediately.

Punitive actions that can come from Emporia Va Speeding or Reckless Driving convictions include:

  • Monetary and financial fines for the offense including court costs.
  • Higher auto insurance monthly premiums
  • Suspension or loss of driving privileges depending upon your conviction or prior driving record.
  • Jail sentence for serious driving issues.
  • Criminal Record

Under the Commonwealth of Virginia laws the maximum penalty for a Reckless Driving conviction the penalties may include:
(1) you may receive up to 1 year in jail
(2) you may receive up to 6 months suspension of your driver’s license / privileges
(3)  you may receive a total of 6 points on a Virginia driver’s license
(4) you may receive up to a $2,500.00 fine.


Reckless Driving in Emporia Virginia

 Emporia Virginia Police handing out Reckless Driving Summons
Virginia Reckless Driving

Most forms of traffic violations can result in traffic tickets. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with the law. You can easily be cited with a traffic ticket, especially if you are not aware of the speed limit on a particular highway. However, speeding and most types of moving violations can lead to grave penalties, which can include a criminal charge. You are traveling over 20 miles per hour over the allowed speed limit or traveling over 80 miles per hour regardless of the allowed speed limit; then you can be charged with excessive speeding.

Excessive speeding is one form of reckless driving, which can result in a criminal conviction. Other examples of reckless driving include aggressive driving or weaving through traffic, unsafe vehicle, drag racing, passing a stopped school bus and failing to control your vehicle, among others. Lack of attention or simple carelessness can lead to most of these traffic violations. Sometimes they are not intentional or malicious.

However, any form of driving that endangers lives and loss of property are always considered reckless. If you have been arrested and accused of reckless driving, then you are looking at a criminal record and jail time. Once you have been charged with reckless driving, contact skilled lawyers immediately.

Penalties for Reckless Driving from Emporia VA

As noted earlier, reckless driving is always considered as a class 1 misdemeanor offense. It is in the same category as driving under the influence and marijuana possession. The legal charges for reckless driving include a fine of up to $2500, suspension of driver’s license for six months and one year in jail. Apart from the legal penalties, there are also administrative charges involved. They include six demerit points on the driver’s license. These demerit points could lead to exorbitant insurance premium rates as well as further suspension.

Consequences of Emporia Reckless Driving Tickets - Fines, Jail, Loss of License, increased insurance and DMV pointsIf you are convicted again for reckless driving, then you will receive an additional six demerit points. You might also be required to undergo a full driving course, as well as other requirements. If you receive 18 demerit points in one year, then your driving privileges will be withdrawn. In short, you will be suspended from any form of driving. There are also personal consequences that come with a criminal conviction, such as a permanent criminal record that will always appear in background checks for housing, employment, education, and financial loans.

We fully understand the seriousness of reckless driving charges and the consequences of a guilty conviction in Emporia Va traffic court. We also understand that it was not your intention to endanger lives or damage property with your driving. If you have never faced criminal charges before, then you might be feeling traumatized and confused. Before you panic and start calling every lawyer on yellow pages, reach out to us first.

As experienced traffic law defense attorneys, we have handled hundreds of cases in Emporia VA and the surroundings. Having spent countless hours before local juries and judges, we have a full understanding of the local legal justice system. Our commitment and dedication to protecting the rights of those facing reckless driving charges are unparalleled. Our skilled attorneys are always ready to provide reliable legal advice and a solid defense.

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Why Weiland Upton – The Emporia Reckless Driving Lawyers

Emporia Va Reckless Driving Lawyers and Traffic AttorneysUnlike other simple traffic charges, you cannot simply mail your fines, when charged with reckless driving. There are additional penalties apart from the fines, as well as the possibility of spending time in jail. You don’t have to plead guilty, regardless of the seriousness or circumstances of your case. There are several alternatives for avoiding conviction, and we can help you.

At Weiland & Upton, we don’t provide any guarantees or possible outcomes of any case. However, we handle every case with the seriousness it deserves and tries to get the best possible outcome for our clients. Also, you don’t have to appear in court every time your case is being mentioned.

As your legal representatives, we will appear on your behalf, which saves you time and money. This is particularly helpful if you have been charged with reckless driving and you don’t stay in Virginia. If you are an out-of-state driver, then you may not be familiar with local laws and regulations. If convicted of reckless driving, you may not understand the penalties or charges you are facing. You will also be charged in Virginia. Therefore, the best move is to hire a reckless driving attorney based in Virginia.

Our team includes highly trained and skilled professionals, who have handled a wide range of criminal offenses. We have a specialty team that handles reckless driving and other serious traffic violations. Although every case is unique, our lawyers have a track record of success, even in the most complicated cases. We work diligently to give all our clients the legal representation they deserve.

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