Dinwiddie VA Speeding Ticket Attorney

Dinwiddie VA Speeding Ticket Attorney


If you have a pending traffic matter, be it a Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket or even a Dinwiddie Virginia Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket, the first call to make is to the experienced Speeding Ticket Attorneys at Weiland Upton (804) 355-8037. Our knowledgeable, helpful legal experts will offer the most up-to-date legal counsel you can find, and will always present our clients with the most responsible, honest advice about their specific Dinwiddie VA Speeding Ticket offense. We have spent years working in the Dinwiddie County VA court system, and understand the ins-and-outs of that particular venue. Through years of successful practice in Dinwiddie County VA traffic court, we have accumulated a vast repository of best practices and useful defense strategies we feel give our clients the best chance at securing the outcome they desire. We know that a Speeding Ticket is no laughing matter, and we will approach your case with the professionalism and seriousness it deserves.

Contact our office today at (804) 355-8037 to learn about what we can do to defend you and your driving privileges – not to mention your bank account. We offer a free initial consultation and accept credit cards for all of our services.

Dinwiddie County Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Being cited for a Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket can have some pretty serious penalties, and land you in more trouble than you may believe. Outside of the expense, you may be an out-of-state driver given a Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket, and face a fight to protect your rights from across state lines. Virginia is among the leaders in reporting offenses across state lines, so even if you live somewhere outside the state the penalties will find you. Weiland Upton’s Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket Lawyers specialize in defending out-of-state drivers against just this type of traffic charge, and assist our clients in every way allowable under the law. It is actually quite common for our Dinwiddie  Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorneys to defend motorists who were just passing through Dinwiddie County VA on Interstate 85 when given their Speeding Ticket, so no matter where you are from you can count on our legal expertise to be in your corner fighting to protect your rights, your driving record, and your driving privileges – in and out of Virginia.

A Dinwiddie VA Speeding Ticket can have some serious impacts on your life, so you should trust an experienced Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer to safeguard all you hold dear. Here are just a few of the negative possibilities facing you if you lose your case:

  • Excessively high fines and court costs
  • Increases in your automobile insurance premiums
  • Demerit points assessed to your license by the DMV – anywhere from three (3) to six (6) points depending upon speed when cited.
  • Loss of driving privileges – factors like speed when ticketed and a poor driving history can cause you to lose driving privileges altogether for a specific length of time.


Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket

Weiland Upton Attorneys At Law has been successfully defending clients in Dinwiddie County VA for many years. We know the speed limit is aggressively enforced by not only the Virginia State Police, but the Dinwiddie County VA Sheriff’s Department as well. These officers issue thousands of Dinwiddie VA Speeding Tickets each year, many on Interstate 85 which runs through the county. The expert legal team at Weiland Upton examines each case to find the details we can use to craft the best possible defense, and will use every resource available under the law to secure an outcome our client is happy with. Our Speeding Ticket Lawyers know the peculiarities of the Dinwiddie County VA District Court too. We know the two judges who hear traffic cases, we know the County Prosecutors do not participate in traffic cases involving a Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket, and we know the defensive strategies that work best in these circumstances. We have a track record of ethical, honest dealings with all of the Dinwiddie County VA Officers of the Court, and use our familiarity with the practices and policies in place to best defend our valued clients. When faced with the possible negative effects of a Virginia Speeding Ticket there is only one choice – call Weiland Upton today at (804) 355-8037.

A Dinwiddie County VA Speeding Ticket can be charged in the following ways dependent upon the circumstances of the citation:

2-862 Reckless Driving – Speeding

2-870 Speeding

2-871 Maximum Speed Limit for School Buses

2-872 Maximum Speed Limits for Vehicles Under Special Permits

2-873 Speeding in a School Zone or at a School Crossing

2-873.1 Maximum Speed Limit on Non-surface Treated Highways

2-873.2 Maximum Speed Limit on Rural Rustic Roads

2-874 Speeding in a Business or Residential District

2-875 Maximum Speed Limit on Certain Other Highways

2-877 Minimum Speed Limits (Impeding the Flow of Traffic)

2-878 Authority to Change Speed Limits

2-878.1 Speeding in a Highway Work Zone

2-878.2 Maximum Speed Limits in Certain Residential Districts

2-881 Speeding on Bridges, Tunnels and Interstates

2-947 Speeding Within Highway Safety Corridor


Dinwiddie County VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket

In Dinwiddie County VA, like the rest of Virginia, the most serious speeding ticket you can receive is a Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket. Motorists are often blindsided by the fact that simply going 11 miles per hour over the posted 70 mile per hour speed limit on Interstate 85 is considered reckless driving – a misdemeanor offense. Virginia law states than any driver going more than 20 miles per hour above the posted limit or over 80 miles per hour no matter the posted speed limit is guilty of a VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket charge. A Dinwiddie Virginia Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket is a very serious matter, in fact a criminal one, and should be taken as such. Relying on online information and gimmicks read in books may seem like a legitimate strategy for defending yourself, and saving money, but if you lose you could face excessively high fines and court costs, dramatic increases in insurance premiums for your automobile, and even an active jail sentence. An experienced Dinwiddie County VA Reckless Driving Attorney can protect you from the most serious penalties and help you find an outcome you can live with. We thoroughly examine the details of each case to find the best defense available, and – in conjunction with our knowledge of the court – we present our client and their situation in the light we feel the court will look most favorably on. This approach has had tremendous success in defending clients against Reckless Driving Speeding Tickets in the past, and we feel confident it represents the best course of action for anyone facing a Dinwiddie County VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket.

Dinwiddie Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Contact the knowledgeable, friendly team at Weiland Upton Attorneys At Law today at (804) 355-8037 for the finest legal defense you can find in Dinwiddie County VA. We look forward to hearing your side and assisting you in finding the defense strategy that works best for your circumstances and situation.