Colonial Heights VA Reckless Driving Lawyers

Colonial Heights VA Reckless Driving Lawyers


No one likes being pulled over by traffic police. When it happens, you always assume it is a simple traffic offense, and you want to get over the situation as soon as possible. However, in some instances, it can be a criminal charge, which means you will need a good lawyer. Traffic laws in Virginia are considered among the toughest in the country. If you get a ticket contact the Colonial Heights Reckless Driving Lawyers from Weiland Upton as soon as possible.

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Also, criminal charges resulting from traffic violations are quite common. In fact, something simple like failing or forgetting to signal can be considered an act of reckless driving. Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, which is punishable by jail, among other serious punishments. If you have been charged with reckless driving, then you are facing criminal charges. In such a situation, please contact us immediately, so that we can find out how we can help you.

Reckless Driving in Colonial Heights Virginia

In Virginia, reckless driving is defined as driving in a manner that endangers lives and property. It is also considered as driving in a manner that is reckless. Therefore, any traffic officer will pull over when they deem you are driving recklessly. Reckless driving by speed is one of the most common. You can be pulled over or stopped by traffic officers when driving at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour over the allowed speed limit.

Additionally, driving at 80 mph in Virginia is always deemed as reckless driving, regardless of the posted speed limit. You can also be charged with reckless driving if you are driving too fast in certain weather conditions. Other forms of reckless driving include vehicle not under control, drag racing, passing a stopped school bus, unsafe vehicle, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, aggressive driving and weaving through traffic.

Reckless Driving Penalties

Reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor offense. It is therefore equivalent to marijuana possession, driving under the influence, and simple assault. The penalties associated with reckless driving include a maximum fine of $2,500, one year in jail as well as suspension of your driving privileges for six months. Apart from that, you will have six demerit points on your driving record. Due to the seriousness of these charges, you need a good attorney, who is highly experienced in the local justice system. Apart from spending a year in jail, a criminal record will also appear when people are carrying out background checks on you. This means it can jeopardize chances of your future employment, seeking a loan, education or even housing. It is not a charge that should be taken lightly.

Detrimental actions derived from Speeding or Reckless Driving convictions in Virginia include:

Monetary and financial fines for the offense including court costs.
Higher auto insurance monthly premiums
Suspension or loss of driving privileges depending upon your conviction or prior driving record.
Jail sentence for serious driving issues.

Under the Commonwealth of Virginia laws the maximum penalty for a Reckless Driving conviction the penalties may include:
(1) you may receive up to 1 year in jail
(2) you may receive up to 6 months suspension of your driver’s license / privileges
(3) you may receive a total of 6 points on a Virginia driver’s license
(4) you may receive up to a $2,500.00 fine.

Colonial Heights Reckless Driving Lawyers

Our experienced attorneys have represented thousands of people accused of serious traffic violations like reckless driving. Certain serious traffic offenses are considered serious. Instead of mailing a simple fine, you will find yourself looking for a lawyer, to represent you in court. Some people tend to assume the seriousness of this case, thinking they can represent themselves in court. However, hiring a good attorney comes with several advantages.

As previously noted, reckless driving is a criminal charge. This means you are facing serious consequences if convicted. It is therefore advisable to arm yourself with a reputable and skilled lawyer, to defend yourself against the possible consequences of conviction. When you need a Colonial Heights VA reckless driving lawyers, turn to us, and we will build a strategic defense. Court appearances are also time-consuming. Without a lawyer, you will be all the court appearances, which can jeopardize your employment position or business. On the other hand, a lawyer will represent you, meaning you don’t have to attend all the court sessions.

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A reckless driving charge has the potential of ruining your life and all the opportunities ahead. The charge does not disappear when you pay a fine. It remains permanently on your records, and it cannot be expunged. Furthermore, your driving license can be suspended for up to six months. Therefore, if you usually drive yourself to work, then you will be highly inconvenienced. Reckless driving is different from a normal traffic charge. If you are not sure what you are dealing with, then you may not know the seriousness of these charges.

Don’t go into trial unaware of what you are facing or unprepared. It might leave you vulnerable. Schedule a free consultation with our attorneys today. We will review all the evidence and facts in the case and come up with the most appropriate way going forward. Imagine being labeled a criminal for failing to yield or speeding. Well, that is what you are facing, if convicted of reckless driving. It is therefore advisable to hire a reckless driving attorney in Virginia, who understands the case as well as the consequences involved. You also need a lawyer who has the skill and knowledge to represent and successfully defend your case in court.

Why Weiland & Upton

Our role as defense attorneys is to try to reduce the damage to your record as much as possible. In short, when we represent you, we are seeking the best outcome possible for your case. Having represented hundreds of clients facing reckless driving charges in Virginia, we know how to approach every case, based on the evidence and information available.

As a local law firm, we understand the policies and procedures applied by the courts, and we know what defense options to explore. Additionally, we understand what the local prosecutors and judges are looking for, to charge you. We also understand the options available, to try to reduce the penalties or the charges reduced. As other clients will tell you, we are the best in Colonial Heights VA and the surrounding areas, when it comes to reckless driving lawyers.

Final Word

If you are looking for a lawyer to handle your case in Colonial Heights Va, then you need to call the attorneys at Weiland & Upton as soon as possible. We are criminal defense attorneys, with the experience to handle allegations of serious traffic offenses like reckless driving. Looking for a reckless driving lawyer in Colonial Heights can be a difficult process. However, if you are looking for experience and success, then we are the right legal team for your case. Call us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Call Weiland Upton at 804-355-8037