Underage Possession of Alcohol Charge Dropped

Underage Possession of Alcohol Charge Dropped

The Weiland Firm, PLC represented a VCU student recently in Richmond General District Court on a charge of Underage Possession of Alcohol. In this case, the VCU police department responded to a complaint regarding some activity in a university dorm room. When the the police arrived, they immediately noticed the smell of alcohol in the room where several college students were hanging out.

Upon searching the room, which belonged to our client and her roommate, a bottle of liquor was found. Several students, including our client, were all found to be below the legal age in Virginia to consume or possess alcohol and charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol. A potential legal defense was found and used to convince the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney to drop the charge against our client. As a result of the charge being dropped, our client was not convicted of any crime and faced absolutely no punishment.

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