No Negative Points On Driving Record for Henrico Client

No Negative Points on Driving Record for Henrico Client

The Weiland Firm, PLC represented a client in Henrico County, Virginia who received a traffic ticket for Failing to Yield. Unfortunately for the client, he had a negative Virginia DMV point balance and had previous moving violations including an Illegal U-Turn and several speeding tickets on his driving record over the past few years. The client was very concerned about the effect this ticket would have on his driving record, his employment and ability to drive if he were convicted as charged. Even though there was no legal defense to the charge, due to our efforts the charge was reduced by the court to a non-moving, no-point violation. As a result, the client received no new negative points on his driving record. If you or someone you know is issued a traffic ticket or is charged with a more serious traffic matter such as DUI/DWI or Reckless Driving in Virginia, feel free to contact the attorneys from The Weiland Firm, PLC at (804) 355-8037 for a free consultation.

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