Greensville County Va Reckless Driving 90MPH For Nevada Man Charge Reduced

Greensville County Reckless Driving 90MPH Nevada Man Reduced

The Weiland Firm represented a client from Nevada who was charged with Reckless Driving by Speed for driving 90MPH in a 70 MPH zone in Greensville County, Virginia. The client was former military, had a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Clearance and works for a government agency, mostly overseas. He had a lot on the line and wanted to avoid the Misdemeanor conviction.

The Attorney worked with the client to create a mitigation strategy well in advance of Court.  On the day of Court, she was able to convince the Judge to reduce the Reckless Driving charge to a simple speeding ticket – 79/70 MPH zone. The client also received a reduced fine, never had to appear, and The Attorney was able to waive the community service requirement.

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