Fine Only No jail or license suspension for 103 MPH in Greensville, Virginia

Fine Only No Jail or License Suspension for 103MPH Greensville

Fine Only No jail or license suspension for 103 MPH in Greensville, Virginia Just a few weeks ago, The Weiland Firm, PLC, Attorneys at Law represented a client from Florida who was charged with driving 103 MPH in his 727 hp Supercharged Ford Mustang on the way back from a business trip. He was facing an active jail sentence, a 6 month license suspension, and a $2,500.00 fine.

As a small business owner, avoiding a jail sentence and a license suspension were critical. The Attorney worked with her client to develop a mitigation strategy tailored to best highlight her client and to have the most meaningful impact in Greensville County General District Court. Without the client appearing, The Attorney was able to convince the Court to take an active jail sentence and the prospect of a license suspension off of the table for this client. The client ultimately had to appear for the final case resolution where the Judge imposed his only sentence — a reduced fine of $1,250.00.

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