DWI reduced in Richmond Jail Time Avoided in Richmond Virginia

DWI reduced in Richmond  Jail Time Avoided In Richmond Va


John Weiland represented a client charged with DWI in Richmond, Virginia. The client was involved in a vehicle accident with a guardrail and smelled of alcoholic beverage when the police officer arrived at the site.


On the trial date, Mr. Weiland was able to get the DWI .18 BAC reduced to a DWI non-elevated. This major reduction allowed the client to avoid any jail time, even though the original charge holds a mandatory jail sentence.


If you have been charged with DUI/DWI in Virginia, it is important that you contact an attorney that understands Virginia’s traffic laws and can guide you accordingly. The Weiland Firm, Attorneys at Law focus their practice on defending clients charged with serious traffic offenses such as Reckless Driving and DUI/DWI and are ready to help you win your case.