Caroline County Va Reckless Driving Lawyers

Caroline County Va Reckless Driving Lawyers


Most people who have been charged with reckless driving assume it will be dropped with payment of a simple fine. Very few expect the encounter will leave them requiring a lawyer to represent them in court. However, considering the strict laws of Virginia, a traffic violation like Speeding but may carry a Reckless Driving citation which appears simple in other jurisdictions can land you in jail.Caronline County Va

You need to know that reckless driving is not considered a civil infraction in Virginia. It is treated like a criminal case, and it’s equivalent to other serious criminal offenses like marijuana. Due to the seriousness of this charge, you should arm yourself with a skilled attorney soon. Contact one of our Caroline County Va Reckless Driving Lawyers today and we will evaluate your case in detail and start preparing a defense.

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Reckless Driving in Caroline County Virginia

Considered as a class 1 misdemeanor, reckless driving is a serious offense under the laws of  the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is treated harshly by the courts, and that’s why you need an experienced lawyer to represent you during the process. Unfortunately, most reckless driving offenders, fail to understand the gravity of this matter. They fail to realize that actions have legal consequences, far beyond the simple traffic violations.

In Caroline County Virginia, you can be charged for reckless driving for various charges including speeding, driving too fast for conditions, failing to control a vehicle, illegally passing, failing to give way to an emergency vehicle, failing to signal, endangering the lives and property of others, and causing an accident, among others. In Virginia, speeding is the most common reckless driving charge.

Reckless Driving is considered as driving at more than 20 mph over the allowed speed limit or driving at 80 mph on any highway. Some of the charges considered as reckless driving are quite subjective. For example, you can be charged with faulty brakes and you were not even aware they were not working properly. You can also be charged with speeding for conditions, even if you are within the allowed speed limit. Due to the nature and confusing circumstances of these charges, always contact an attorney immediately if you have been charged. Our experienced Caroline County Va Reckless Driving Lawyer will interpret the charges for you, in a manner that is easy to understand.

Caroline County Va Reckless Driving Penalties

As noted earlier, reckless driving is considered a criminal charge. It is not a civil infraction, as most people tend to assume. It is a criminal offense under the laws of Virginia, classified as a class 1 misdemeanor offense. The penalties for reckless driving including 12 months in jail, suspension of driver’s license or a fine of up to $2500.

Penalties associated with Reckless Driving convictions in Virginia include:

Monetary and financial fines for the offense including court costs.
Higher auto insurance monthly premiums
Suspension or loss of driving privileges depending upon your conviction or prior driving record.
Jail sentence for serious driving issues.

Under the Commonwealth of Virginia laws the maximum penalty for a Reckless Driving conviction the penalties may include:
(1) you may receive up to 1 year in jail
(2) you may receive up to 6 months suspension of your driver’s license / privileges
(3) you may receive a total of 6 points on a Virginia driver’s license
(4) you may receive up to a $2,500.00 fine.

You should also note that if your reckless driving actions resulted in the death of another or you were driving with a suspended license, then your charge upgraded to a felony. These serious charges have a lasting and profound impact in your life. Apart from the probation, possible jail time or initial fines, individuals convicted of reckless driving accrue six demerit points against their driving license.

These convictions remain on their driver’s records for 11 years. Furthermore, the criminal record from these convictions are permanent. They can affect your education and employment opportunities. They can also deny you housing opportunities. To protect yourself against these damaging consequences, it is advisable to seek the services of experienced attorneys, with a proven background and track record in reckless driving. Please consult our office today if you are facing reckless driving charges, and let us take the matter from there.

Skilled Caroline County Reckless Driving Lawyers

If this is the first time to be facing criminal charges, you are likely stressed and frightened, about the possibility of jail time or license suspension. A reckless driving charge can also have far-reaching consequences on your life. You therefore need to discuss the case with a skilled Caroline County reckless driving lawyer. Your main priority after being charged, should be to reach out to an attorney, who has previously handled charges of this nature before.

Working with a local lawyer comes with various benefits. For example, they have a deep understand of the local judicial process. Secondly, they are easy to reach, whenever you need any consultation or clarification, on any matter affecting your case. Having worked in Caroline County Virginia for many years, we have represented numerous clients, facing similar charges. Our proven record of accomplishment speaks for itself.

As your attorneys, we will represent you in court and provide legal counsel anytime you need it. You don’t have to be present in court every time your case is being mentioned. We are your legal representatives and advocates, until your case has been resolved. Considering the lasting and damaging consequences of this conviction, you should always be prepared when going for trial. It is the only way to secure a positive outcome for your case.

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As our client, our main job is to look out for your interests. Our task includes working tirelessly to make sure we achieve the best possible results. We will also ensure your rights are always protected during the course of the process. Furthermore, we are committed to your case, from the time you reach out to us, until the matter is resolved. We are there to ensure you understand the charges you are facing, as well as your rights when facing trial.

We understand how confusing and complex the legal world is, especially for outsiders. However, we are here to break down everything for you. Facing charges like these can be a traumatizing experience. But with experienced advocates like Weiland & Upton, you can rest easy knowing that you have professionals by your side. We will always keep you informed on all the developments in your case. We are also available if you want to seek any clarification regarding the ongoing of your case.

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There are many reckless driving lawyers in Caroline County VA. Therefore, going through all the listings can be difficult and overwhelming. However, if you are looking for experience, skills, and professionalism, then you are in the right place. We have represented numerous clients who have been charged with reckless driving before. Contact us today at 804-355-8037 for a free consultation and case assessment.